• Pitch Dark

    Pitch Dark

    Alameda, Courtney

    After receiving a distress call, Lana and Tuck arrive at an isolated space station in an attempt to rescue any survivors. There they encounter gruesome creatures that can kill humans with only their excruciating sounds.

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  • Onibi


    Atelier Sentō

    French tourists discover a mysterious antique camera in a tiny shop in rural Japan. Believing the camera can take photos of apparitions called yokai, the invisible spirits and demons of Japanese folklore, they travel through a haunted countryside in search of phantoms and specters. Graphic novel. MS

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • Contagion


    Bowman, Erin

    In response to a distress call, intern Thea accompanies a renowned scientist to a remote mining planet. With increasing dread, their small team encounters a deserted landscape empty of life but full of ominous warnings. What lies at the bottom of the planet’s deep, dark, abandoned mine?

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  • The Heart Forger

    The Heart Forger

    Chupeco, Rin

    Tea is a bone witch with the power to raise the dead and control ghastly beasts. After years of banishment, she is seeking retribution, which may lead to unthinkable bloodshed. Sequel to The Bone Witch.

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  • Bruja Born

    Bruja Born

    Córdova, Zoraida

    Lula belongs to a Brooklyn family of powerful brujas, or witches. Casting a dangerous spell with her sisters, she inadvertently unleashes ravenous casimuertos -- the nearly-dead -- and must confront death herself in the form of the Lady de la Muerte. Sequel to Labyrinth Lost.

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  • The Marrow Thieves

    The Marrow Thieves

    Dimaline, Cherie

    In a world of ecological devastation, most people have lost the ability to dream, except Canadian Indigenous people. Metis are hunted by “recruiters,” seized to have their bone marrow gleaned, and taken to “factories” from which they never return. Frenchie is a young man on the run with a small group struggling to endure and to preserve their culture for future generations.

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  • Dread Nation

    Dread Nation

    Ireland, Justina

    The Civil War is all but forgotten when the dead begin to rise from the battlefield at Gettysburg. Jane attends Miss Preston’s School, where young black women are trained in martial arts and etiquette in order to protect white women from the shuffling hordes. When she journeys west from the South, Jane finds more menace, and not only from the zombies infesting the prairie.

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  • Sawkill Girls

    Sawkill Girls

    Legrand, Claire

    Marion’s family moves to scenic Sawkill Island, where the local legend of the Collector is told, and she soon discovers the landscape harbors dark secrets. Over the years, many girls have vanished without a trace from this small, insular community. Marion and her friends must unite to face the unimaginable terror lurking on the island.

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  • Scream All Night

    Scream All Night

    Milman, Derek

    Dario wants absolutely nothing to do with the family business: making cult classic B-horror movies (or “creature features.”) But an invitation to his theatrical father’s funeral (he will stage his own live burial!) brings the whole eccentric family and die-hard fans back to the castle.

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  • Vassa in the Night

    Vassa in the Night

    Porter, Sarah

    The nights are getting longer in Brooklyn, and Vassa is sent out for lightbulbs by her stepsisters (accompanied by her acerbic talking doll). At Babs Yagg’s store, which stands on chicken legs, if you steal you might lose your head. Vassa must keep all her wits about her to survive the night and make it home. Retelling of the Russian folktale Vassilissa the Beautiful.

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