An adult patron recently requested use of the Family Restroom located inside the children's area of the Central Library, which by Library Policy is for use by children with their caregivers.

The patron was not with a child and was offered private use of another public restroom on the same floor, but the patron declined.

The Library has been in contact with the patron and we are working to ensure accommodations are available when he visits the Library in the future.

The patron has contacted the Office of Civil Rights, which is looking into the matter.

In March 2017, the Library began the process of design and installation of a new gender neutral restroom for Level 3. Construction of the restroom is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Until that restroom is available for use, the Library will provide an option for transgender patrons requesting private use of a restroom.

The Library continues to be committed to providing a safe, welcoming space and experience for all patrons - children, teens and adults.

To clarify, this patron was not excluded from the Library for requesting use of the Family Restroom. Instead, the exclusion was based only on a failure to follow a staff member request.

Based on an administrative review of these circumstances that 3-day exclusion was immediately revoked and the patron has been welcome to use the Library.