Returning champions Bryant Elementary School’s team "Unusual Students for the Exceptional Librarian" won The Seattle Public Library’s 24th Annual Global Reading Challenge held March 19 at the Central Library.

Nine teams began the competitive quiz about the 2019 Global Reading book titles. Every team represented themselves and their schools extremely well – particularly in that they all seemed to have an excellent time. Everyone is proud of the students' giggles, good humor and great teamwork – they stayed positive, and they buoyed each other up.

Additional scores

  • Tied for 2nd place: Graham Hill’s The Falcons and Cascade Parent Partnership’s Infinity
  • Tied for 3rd place: Olympic Hill’s The Knockouts and Sacajawea’s Diamond Wolves
  • Tied for 4th place: John Roger’s Puppies, Decatur’s Furry Ferrets and Montlake’s I’M SQEAK
  • 5th place: McDonald International’s Flying Pigacorns

Our mission with the Global Reading Challenge is to encourage reading as a fun and recreational activity that allows 4th and 5th grade students of all reading abilities to engage in the sport of reading.

This citywide program is a collaborative effort between The Seattle Public Library and the Seattle Public Schools. Students form teams of 7 and read 10 books, then take part in a trivia competition, answering questions about the books, to determine the winner for the city of Seattle. The winning team from each school proceeds to the semi-finals, and the winner for each semi-final advances to the City Final Challenge.

The Global Reading Challenge is made possible by funding from The Seattle Public Library Foundation, Northwest Literacy Foundation, the Ballard and Fremont Rotary clubs and Toni Myers.