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Using Library Equipment

Are there computers, printers and copiers I can use at the Library?

All Library locations have the following equipment available for public use:

  • Computers with access to the online catalog and online databases
  • Computers with Internet access equipped with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; and Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Audition, Acrobat, and more.)
  • Printers
  • Copy machines


The Central Library also has:

  • Two computers with flatbed scanners and image editing software, including Acrobat Professional and Adobe Photoshop CS4.
  • Teletypewriter (TTY) for deaf patrons with TTY equipment


Reserve a computer - opens in a new window


You need a permanent Library card to reserve a computer. No Library card? Guest passes are available for a single 30-minute session if you don't qualify for a Library card. Visitors and non-residents can also buy a Library card.

Charges for printing & copies

How to pay: Cash only.

Black and white printing & copies


Cost per side

8.5" x 11" Letter


8.5" x 14" Legal


11" x 17" Ledger


Color printing & copies


Cost per side

8.5" x 11" Letter


8.5" x 14" Legal


11" x 17" Ledger


Fax Services

Fax services are available to the public at the following branches:

  • Beacon Hill
  • Columbia
  • Delridge
  • High Point
  • NewHolly
  • Rainier Beach
  • South Park


The fee for fax services is $1 for the first page plus $0.50 for any additional pages. There is no charge for the fax cover sheet.
Faxes can only be sent to phone numbers in the United States (no international faxes). Faxes cannot be received for patrons.


Please Ask a Librarian if you need help sending a fax.


Wireless Internet Access


Does the Library offer wireless Internet access?

Wireless access is available at no charge to anyone with Wi-Fi enabled laptops and wireless devices at all Library locations.


The wireless Internet service is not secure and users should be aware of the risks. Even if firewalls are running on laptops, it is recommended that sensitive information not be sent through this network.


Wi-Fi users must configure their own equipment and connect to the network using these settings:


  • SSID (Service Set Identifier) or network name = spl-public:
  • Encryption or WEP = disable WEP encryption
  • Mode or Network Type = Infrastructure Mode or Access Point (not ad-hoc)
  • Set TCP/IP properties to "Obtain an IP address automatically" (DHCP)

The wireless network is disabled at 10 p.m. and turned on again at 6 a.m.


Wi-Fi Printing


Can I print while using Wi-Fi?

Yes. Wi-Fi printing is available at all Library locations from personal devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones. You must be inside a Library building and connected to the library’s Wi-Fi “spl-public” – you cannot send a print job to a Library location from home.


How does Wi-Fi printing work?

Connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the Library’s Wi-Fi and log in at Upload the document or Web page you want to print and select color or black and white. Retrieve your print job at the print release station.


What is required to use Wi-Fi printing?

You must be inside a Library location, connected to the library’s Wi-Fi “spl-public” and have a Library card, guest pass or guest login. Access the Wi-Fi printing login screen at


Personal Devices


Patron privacy and the use of personal devices in The Seattle Public Library


The Seattle Public Library places a high value on the confidentiality of patron records and views an individual’s access to materials while in our buildings as an essentially private experience. Consistent with this thinking we require patrons using their own laptops and mobile devices to take the necessary steps to keep their reading/listening/viewing experiences as private as possible. This may include using headphones, orienting screens to prevent a public display of material, or moving to a location where the screen is not visible to other Library users.


Private Skype Rooms


Central Library has private Skype Rooms available for reservation


  • Two private rooms with Skype-enabled computers are available on the Level 1
  • Two additional private rooms are available to patrons with their own equipment
  • Patrons may reserve a private room at the Literacy/ ESL and World Languages desk on Level 1
  • Reservations are for one hour but may be extended if no one is waiting to use the room
  • Skype users must have their own Skype account
  • Ask a librarian if private work spaces are available at your branch


Adaptive Equipment


What types of adaptive equipment can I find at the Library?

People with sight, hearing or mobility impairments have many options. See Adaptive Equipment at the Library for more information.

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Adult Learning


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