About Fresh Start

fresh starts

We temporarily suspend Library accounts when items are 14 days overdue, and charge accounts for a lost-item replacement fee at 31 days overdue. This helps us make sure that Library materials are available for everyone. We offer teens a one-time amnesty for lost items thanks to The Seattle Public Library Foundation.

Many teens have blocked accounts due to lost items. The average balance on a blocked account is over $50, which many families are unable to pay. Find out how you can support this program and help teens start using the Library again at The Seattle Public Library Foundation’s website.

For Teens with Library Charges

If you are aged 12-19 and your Library account is temporarily suspended, stop by any Library location and request a Fresh Start. You can also request a Fresh Start online.

For Adults with Library charges

If you’re not a teen aged 12-19, we can offer payment plans or other options, depending on the circumstances. Please let us know if you’re unable to pay your Library charges and we will work with you to restore your access.