• White Houses: A Novel

    White Houses: A Novel

    Bloom, Amy

    Lorena Hickok meets Eleanor Roosevelt in 1932 while reporting on Franklin Roosevelt's first presidential campaign. Having grown up worse than poor in South Dakota and reinvented herself as the most prominent woman reporter in America, "Hick," as she's known to her friends and admirers, is not quite instantly charmed by the idealistic, patrician Eleanor. But then, as her connection with the future first lady deepens into intimacy, what begins as a powerful passion matures into a lasting love, and a life that Hick never expected to have. She moves into the White House, where her status as "first friend" is an open secret, as are FDR's own lovers. After she takes a job in the Roosevelt administration, promoting and protecting both Roosevelts, she comes to know Franklin not only as a great president but as a complicated rival and an irresistible friend, capable of changing lives even after his death. Through it all, even as Hick's bond with Eleanor is tested by forces both extraordinary and common, and as she grows as a woman and a writer, she never loses sight of the love of her life.--Provided by Publisher.

    Format: Book - 2018 First edition

    Holds: 6 on 36 copies

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  • Long Black Veil: A Novel

    Long Black Veil: A Novel

    Boylan, Jennifer Finney

    When the body of a college friend is discovered twenty years after her disappearance, Judith, the only witness who can testify to the innocence of the chief suspect, is forced to confront dark secrets from her past that compromise the healthy life she has built for her family.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 0 on 8 copies

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  • The Heart's Invisible Furies

    The Heart's Invisible Furies

    Boyne, John

    Adopted by a well-to-do if eccentric Dublin couple who remind him that he is not a real member of their family, Cyril embarks on a journey to find himself and where he came from, discovering his identity, a home, a country, and much more throughout a long lifetime.

    Format: Book - 2017 First US Edition

    Holds: 19 on 14 copies

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  • Pages for Her

    Pages for Her

    Brownrigg, Sylvia

    "Twenty years after their brief but passionate affair... Flannery has the chance once again to meet Anne, who opened young Flannery up to the possibility of love--then left her heartbroken. Having long ago put their love behind them, they live now on opposite coasts. Anne has been in a deep, childless partnership with a fellow scholar Jasper, who recently left her. Flannery, to her own surprise, married a charismatic artist named Charles, with whom she has a young daughter. Submerged by her husband's demands and personality and her adjustment to motherhood, Flannery has lost sight of her self and her work. When the two women meet at a conference, they find that the passion and understanding between them has endured, though it has been hidden. In rediscovering each other, they are able to rediscover themselves."--

    Format: Book - 2017 First Counterpoint hardcover edition

    Holds: 0 on 4 copies

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  • The House of Impossible Beauties

    The House of Impossible Beauties

    Cassara, Joseph

    "Follows a cast of gay and transgender club kids navigating the Harlem ball scene of the '80s and '90s"--

    Format: Book - 2018 First edition

    Holds: 4 on 15 copies

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  • Scissors, Paper, Stone: A Novel

    Scissors, Paper, Stone: A Novel

    Davis, Martha K

    Format: Book - 2018

    Holds: 1 on 6 copies

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  • The Sparsholt Affair

    The Sparsholt Affair

    Hollinghurst, Alan

    "In 1940, David Sparsholt arrives at Oxford to study engineering, though his sights are set on joining the Royal Air Force. Handsome, athletic, charismatic, he is unaware of his effect on others--especially on Evert Dax, the lonely son of a celebrated novelist who is destined to become a writer himself. With the world at war, and the Blitz raging in London, Oxford nevertheless exists at a strange remove: a place of fleeting beauty--and secret liaisons. A friendship develops between these two young men that will have unexpected consequences."--

    Format: Book - 2018 First United States edition

    Holds: 19 on 24 copies

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  • Speak No Evil: A Novel

    Speak No Evil: A Novel

    Iweala, Uzodinma

    On the surface, Niru leads a charmed life. Raised by two attentive parents in Washington, D.C., he's a top student and a track star at his prestigious private high school. Bound for Harvard in the fall, his prospects are bright. But Niru has a painful secret: he is queer--an abominable sin to his conservative Nigerian parents. No one knows except Meredith, his best friend, the daughter of prominent Washington insiders--and the one person who seems not to judge him. When his father accidentally discovers Niru is gay, the fallout is brutal and swift. Coping with troubles of her own, however, Meredith finds that she has little left emotionally to offer him. As the two friends struggle to reconcile their desires against the expectations and institutions that seek to define them, they find themselves speeding toward a future more violent and senseless than they can imagine. Neither will escape unscathed.--from dust jacket.

    Format: Book - 2018 First edition

    Holds: 10 on 18 copies

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  • Stray City: A Novel

    Stray City: A Novel

    Johnson, Chelsey

    Andrea Morales escaped her Midwestern Catholic childhood--and the closet--to create a home and life for herself within the thriving but insular lesbian underground of Portland, Oregon. One drunken night, reeling from a bad breakup and a friend's betrayal, she recklessly crosses enemy lines and hooks up with a man. To her utter shock, Andrea soon discovers she's pregnant, and she decides to have the baby. A decade later, when Lucia starts asking questions about the father she's never known, Andrea is forced to reconcile the past she hoped to leave behind with the life she's worked so hard to build.

    Format: Book - 2018 First edition

    Holds: 6 on 10 copies

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  • The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion

    The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion

    Killjoy, Margaret

    "Searching for clues about her best friend's mysterious suicide, Danielle ventures to the squatter, utopian town of Freedom, Iowa, and witnesses a protector spirit--in the form of a blood-red, three-antlered deer--begin to turn on its summoners. She and her new friends have to act fast if they're going to save the town--or get out alive"--Amazon.com. (3/21/2019 8:40:08 PM)

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 2 on 5 copies

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