Ideas to Help You Get Started

Painting of two beavers in the water
  • If you could draw a different type of mask for every day of the week, what would they look like? A Monday smile mask, Tuesday tickle mask... you do the rest!
  • Author Jason Reynolds believes that “the truest superpowers are the ones we all possess: willpower, integrity, and more importantly, courage.” What are your real-world superpowers? Draw the image that would be on your cape or armor.  Whenever you need some extra strength, imagine putting it on!
  • Ask a member of your family to share a fun fact about you. Now create a story from it, or draw pictures of that fun fact.
  • Is there a P-Patch community garden in your neighborhood? What’s your favorite food to eat out of a garden?  Learn more about growing things in the city in the Urban Gardening Exploration Guide
  • Recipes are stories about our tastes and traditions. Ask the chef in your life for a favorite recipe passed down from their elders. Write the 3 things that recipes are made of:
    • A list of ingredients
    • A headnote (where the recipe came from and why it’s special)
    • Step-by-step instructions
    Explore the art and science of cooking dumplings in the Dumplings Around the World Exploration Guide