• The Story of A Goat

    The Story of A Goat


    Translated from Tamil, a goat's life serves as an allegory for the human condition. (Kirkus)

    Format: eBook - 2019 First Grove Atlantic paperback edition

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  • Blood of the Dawn

    Blood of the Dawn

    Salazar, Claudia

    Translated from Spanish, this is a story of three women in Peru in the 1980s during the rise of the communist Shining Path.

    Format: eBook - 2016

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  • A Corner of the World

    A Corner of the World

    Fernández Pintado, Mylene

    Translated from Spanish, modern-day Cuba comes to life in this story of a professor who falls in love with a young writer. (Kirkus)

    Format: eBook - 2014

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  • Slave Old Man: A Novel

    Slave Old Man: A Novel

    Chamoiseau, Patrick

    Translated from French, the story of an escaped, elderly slave and the hound that is chasing him.

    Format: eBook - 2018

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  • Motherland Hotel

    Motherland Hotel

    Atılgan, Yusuf

    Translated from Turkish, the classic 1973 novel about alienation, obsession, and precipitous decline, nimbly translated by Stark. (Kirkus)

    Format: eBook - 2016

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  • Vaseline Buddha

    Vaseline Buddha

    Chŏng, Yŏng-mun

    Translated from Korean, the storyteller starts out telling a story about a robbery he stopped but ends up telling a story about nothing.

    Format: eBook - 2016 First edition

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  • A Spare Life

    A Spare Life

    Dimkovska, Lidija

    Translated from Macedonian, it tells the story of twins conjoined at the head in communist Skopje, Yugoslavia, in the mid-1980s.

    Format: eBook - 2016

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  • Hotel Silence

    Hotel Silence

    Auu̧r A. Ólafsdóttir

    Translated from Icelandic, a middle-aged travels from Iceland to an unnamed, war-torn country with plans of committing suicide. (Kirkus)

    Format: eBook - 2018 First Grove Atlantic paperback edition

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  • Cobalt Blue

    Cobalt Blue

    Kuṇḍalakara, Sacina

    Translated from Marathi, a lodger causes fissures in the relationship between a brother and sister when both find themselves drawn to him in this atmospheric novel. (Kirkus)

    Format: eBook - 2013

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  • Seeing Red

    Seeing Red

    Meruane, Lina

    Translated from Spanish, a female writer who is losing her sight probes the meaning of language, genre, and the reader's expectations. (Kirkus)"

    Format: eBook - 2016

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