• In the Garden of the Fugitives

    In the Garden of the Fugitives

    Dovey, Ceridwen

    A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Vita forbade her one time benefactor and stalker Royce from contacting her, but now the letters are flowing once again, the pair wade into the haunting depths of their shared and individual regrets. A gripping novel of ideas.

    Format: eBook - 2018 First American edition

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  • To the Bright Edge of the World: A Novel

    To the Bright Edge of the World: A Novel

    Ivey, Eowyn

    It is 1885, and Colonel Allen Forrester sets up the Wolverine river to map the uncharted hinterlands of Alaska, while back in Vancouver his wife Sophie chafes undertakes her own journey of discovery, each recording their wondrous and uncanny experiences for each other, and posterity.

    Format: eBook - 2016 First edition

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  • Happiness, as Such

    Happiness, as Such

    Ginzburg, Natalia

    When young Michele suddenly runs away to England, leaving his family and lover behind in Italy, his absence is filled with poignant letters whose words often say less than what is left unspoken. Ginzburg’s posthumous novel is a wry and witty celebration of our most cherished dysfunctions.

    Format: eBook - 2019

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  • Before She Was Found

    Before She Was Found

    Gudenkauf, Heather

    With the aid of texts and emails, journal entries, therapist’s notes and police reports, we gradually learn of the horrific events surrounding three young girls at a sleepover, and their haunting connection with a legendary killer from the distant past.

    Format: eBook - 2019

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  • Sea Prayer

    Sea Prayer

    Hosseini, Khaled

    A father’s letter to his son paints for him a picture of the beauty that was their home in Syria, now a place of terror and destruction that they both must flee in a perilous journey across the waves.

    Format: eBook - 2018

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  • Hey Harry, Hey Matilda: A Novel

    Hey Harry, Hey Matilda: A Novel

    Hulin, Rachel

    They say that twins share a special bond, and for Harry and Matilda that bond is their scathingly funny outlook on life, and a lack of moral compass that leaves us delightfully shocked as we eavesdrop on a year’s worth of their emails.

    Format: eBook - 2017 First edition

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  • Last Words From Montmartre

    Last Words From Montmartre

    Qiu, Miaojin

    In her haunting and enchanting final novel, the Chinese modernist master bids farewell to a world intent on defining her gender, and to her lost loves, and to literature.

    Format: eBook - 2014

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  • The Divorce Papers: A Novel

    The Divorce Papers: A Novel

    Rieger, Susan

    A high-profile divorce can get nasty – and very funny, as testified by the affidavits, emails, and documents flying between Dr. Daniel Durkheim, his estranged wife Mia, and her reluctant young lawyer Sophie, who gamely tries to win a victory for Mia and her young daughter. It’s a more upbeat Marriage Story, documentary style.

    Format: eBook - 2014

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  • Sadness Is A White Bird: A Novel

    Sadness Is A White Bird: A Novel

    Rothman-Zecher, Moriel

    A young Israeli soldier sits in prison, writing to his Palestinian friend Laith about the fateful day everything changed, including his future with Laith’s sister Nimreen, in this brilliant and provocative exploration of the ages old conflict.

    Format: eBook - 2018 First Atria books hardcover edition

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  • Dear Committee Members: A Novel

    Dear Committee Members: A Novel

    Schumacher, Julie

    Instead of writing the great American novel, frustrated English professor Jason Fitger spends his days writing letters of recommendation, sending his students toward great futures while he simmers amidst the futility of academia, an unconscious comic genius.

    Format: eBook - 2014

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