Before you begin make sure all team members have turned in their books and notes. Make sure the school has a set of books available to verify challenges.


  1. Team members will sit together in a small circle with up to 7 members.
  2. The captain of each team will act as the spokesperson for the team and will write down the answer to the question within the 30-second time limit. Only write ONE answer.
  3. The moderator will say the title of the book and ask the question and repeat it one time
    only. There will be 8 questions asked in each round. There will be 3 rounds for a total of 24
    questions. Please wait until the question has been read for the second time before you bring your answer to the judge’s table.
  4. Teams should discuss the questions quietly so that the other teams cannot hear the discussion.
  5. A designated team member will bring the answer up to the judge’s table. Teams may not take back an answer once it is brought up to the judge’s table.
  6. Five points will be given to each team that answers the question correctly—correct spelling is not necessary but the word must be identifiable.
  7. The team with the most points will win the challenge. In the case of a tie questions will continue to be asked until the tie is broken. The team that wins will advance to the Semi-Final Challenges at the Central Library.
  8. A Challenge may be made to answers but must be made after each question is answered but before the next question is read.
  9. Challenges will be accepted from team captains only.
  10. The decision of the judges is final.
  11. The audience may not assist the team in any way during the Challenge.
  12. Audience members are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner at all times. Please do not say answers to questions.

Add as needed

  • There are no restroom breaks.
  • We do not use the “ch” (cheating) word.
  • No fake outs.
  • Audience may use “silent” cheers.
  • No gambling allowed! (ha!)

Stay positive - you are all winners and we are here to have fun!