Book Bingo Reading Suggestions

A SAL Speaker (past or upcoming)

Sci-fi or fantasy by a BIPOC author

Debut author

Banned or challenged book

Set south of the equator

Unreliable narrator

A book about books

  • A Book about Books – A list created by library staff with suggestions for books about books.

Recommended by library staff or a Peak Pick

Latino/Latina/Latinx author

About health or healthcare workers

Hobby or skill

  • Hobby or skill – A list of hobby or skill book suggestions created by Library staff.

Non-binary/genderqueer author or character

Book to screen

  • Book to screen – A list of books to screen suggestions created by Library staff.
  • Based on the Book – The Mid-Continent Public Library maintains lists on films and shows based on books with access to Movie Title, Movie Release Year, Book Title, and Book Author.
  • Stacker’s 100 Best Movies Based on Books – A list of the 100 best films based on books by Stacker.

LGBTQ+ love story

  • LGBTQ+ love story – A list created by Library staff of books featuring a LGBTQ+ love story.