About the Exhibit

Fisherma Rika Manabe
Photo Credit: Rika Manabe

x̌ʷəlč is “Salish Sea, saltwater” in Lushootseed

Northwest Washington’s tribal communities have long recognized the importance of water and water-based resources in sustaining life in this region. This exhibit explored how the sea and the rivers, and the wealth of resources in them--the salmon, whales, tule, and shellfish--are important to the region’s tribes and the work they are doing to protect those resources for future generations. Curated by Shannon Kopelva and Jennifer Ott. The exhibit was on view at Central Library from June 15 to August 30, 2018.

Beyond the Frame

This exhibit is part of Beyond the Frame – To Be Native, a community-wide initiative revisiting the photographs of Edward S. Curtis and sparking conversations on Native identity, race and resilience, art and culture.

Indigenous Sovereignty

In 2018 we held public programming celebrating Indigenous Sovereignty through conversations on arts, land, water, food and more.