About the Exhibit

ZAPP Zine exhibit graphic

ZAPP, the Zine Archive & Publishing Project, was a volunteer-run organization dedicated to preserving and promoting self-publishing in Seattle and beyond. Originally part of Richard Hugo House (who donated the collection), ZAPP collected and maintained a library of over 30,000 zines, minicomics and other self-published and small press titles.

This exhibit showcased a small fraction of the cultural treasures found in the ZAPP zine collection, focusing on locally made zines and self-published comics, riot grrrl zines, zines representing voices from traditionally marginalized communities, and zines featuring unique and creative design elements.

Much of the exhibit was originally curated in partnership with North Seattle College’s Gallery Coordinator Amanda Knowles and Professor Kelda Martensen and displayed at North Seattle College Art Gallery. The exhibit ran from July 15 to August 31, 2019.

From the Archives of ZAPP Photo Gallery