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Donors to the West Seattle Branch: Named Spaces

The Seattle Public Library Foundation has received thousands of generous contributions to the "Campaign for Seattle's Public Libraries." In recognition of their gifts of $50,000 and above, we are pleased to honor the following supporters with named physical spaces in the West Seattle Branch of The Seattle Public Library.

Anne and Langdon Simons Children's Area

Langdon and Anne Simons moved to Seattle from New England 50 years ago -- from one ocean and evergreen state to another. They were excited by the pioneer spirit and vigor of our young city and became enthusiastically involved in its business and cultural life - in particular The Seattle Public Library system.

With three daughters and six grandchildren - four of whom lived in West Seattle - the Simons were delighted to support the Children's Area of the West Seattle Branch.



Stim Bullitt Reading Area

Stimson BullittStimson Bullitt was many extraordinary things: lawyer, decorated soldier, outdoorsman, civil rights activist, developer, philanthropist, broadcaster, environmentalist, and community leader. Yet this impressive list cannot fully capture the full depth and breadth of his complexity, accomplishments or impact on the Seattle community.


One of his most enduring and inspiring legacies is his fundamental belief in equality of opportunity for all. While fighting in the Pacific in WWII, he engaged in a letter writing campaign to Congress opposing the internment of Japanese Americans. As President of King Broadcasting, he was one of TV's first executives to hire women and African-Americans. He served on the board of the Seattle Urban League and as trustee of the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington. His was a life-long commitment to equality.


Like his extraordinary family, Stim Bullitt's generosity helped build and sustain important Seattle institutions like the Seattle Parks Foundation, the Bullitt Foundation and The Seattle Public Library Foundation.  He saw the Library as an institution that embodied his commitment to equality of opportunity for all. Through a significant bequest he made to the Library Foundation prior to his passing and his wife Tina's continuing work, his commitment lives on in programs, resources and opportunities at The Seattle Public Library.


A West Seattle resident, Stim Bullitt's legacy remains part of the fabric of our community through lives changed, opportunities given, environments preserved, and vision realized.


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