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December 18, 2017


Wallingford Branch : About the Branch

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Wallingford Branch

Library closed Dec. 24 and 25

All locations of The Seattle Public Library and the book drops at the Central Library will be closed on Christmas Eve, Sunday, Dec. 24 and Christmas Day, Monday, Dec. 25.

About the Wallingford Branch

The Wallingford Branch of The Seattle Public Library has:




The relocated $442,000 Wallingford Branch opened Jan. 29, 2000, at 1501 N. 45th St. in the Solid Ground building (formerly the Fremont Public Association Resource Center.) It was the second branch to open under the "Libraries for All" building program. (See the Wallingford Branch Building Facts for more information.)


The Miller|Hull Partnership designed the Solid Ground building with the library in mind as a possible tenant. Miller|Hull also designed the library space, which was built by Harmatta Construction. The distinguished yet approachable building consolidates community services and volunteers under one roof.


Storefronts of businesses on North 45th Street are typically right up against the sidewalk. To fit with the rest of the neighborhood, the branch has a shop front window that brings all the activity right up to the street. The front window of the branch is on a corner of the building, which gives it the look of a bay window.


Ellensburg artist Richard Elliott designed five colorful neon signs to represent activities going on in the library:

  • A blue world from the logo of The Seattle Public Library;
  • A red mystic eye to represent mystery;
  • A white "at" symbol to represent computer access;
  • A green puzzle piece to symbolize family gathering and accumulation of knowledge;
  • A yellow atom symbol to represent human knowledge.


See Art at the Wallingford Branch for more information.



The Wilmot Memorial Library opened Sept. 10, 1949, in a house donated by Alice Wilmot Dennis in memory of her sister, Florence Wilmot Metcalf. The branch moved to remodeled quarters in a former police and fire station in 1985 and was renamed the Wallingford-Wilmot Library.


The branch shared its new space with the 45th Street Clinic, which eventually expanded and asked the library to relocate.



In 1998, voters approved the $196.4 million "Libraries for All" bond measure and The Seattle Public Library Foundation pledged to contribute privately raised money to improve the Library system. The plan included relocating the Wallingford-Wilmot Library.


Construction began in September 1999. The relocated branch opened Jan. 29, 2000.

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Wallingford Branch
1501 N. 45th St.
Seattle, WA 98103



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