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Art at the Greenwood Branch

The Seattle Public Library board of trustees selected Portland artist Fernanda D'Agostino to design artwork for the new Greenwood Branch. D'Agostino, with design team collaboration by Portland artist Valerie Otani, involved librarians and patrons in the creation of the artwork - complex images and text embedded in three glass windows. Photos of original artwork by Brian Foulkes © 2005.

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Artists inspiration

Detail from Gilgamesh Enters the Forest.Our goal was to bring together art and architecture to explore the world of knowledge and information. The final artwork uses layered images in three glass windows to reveal the richness of the life of the mind that takes place within the walls of the Greenwood Branch.

The journey "into the woods" is a metaphor for the journey of exploration, knowledge, self-discovery and transcendence that unfold in a library. Books - called "talking leaves" by some Native peoples - inspire an interplay of page, text and leaf motifs. We hope library users will see their journey as one filled with meaning and inspiration.

Into the Woods


Into the Woods is in the meeting room facing Greenwood Avenue North. The golden woods unite the other imagery in the window and refer both to Greenwood's past as a forested area and to the dream of widely shared knowledge that a public library embodies.


Gilgamesh Enters the Forest

The small window in the quiet room is called Gilgamesh Enters the Forest. The tablet represents the huge span of time, place and culture that is available to patrons right in their own neighborhood.


The window in the main reading room that faces the Cascade Mountains is called Portrait of a Reader. The young girl in the image is a Greenwood Branch patron.


Portrait of a Reader


See About the Artists for more information.

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