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February 19, 2018


Central Library : A/V Equipment

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Library Closed Monday, Feb. 19

All locations of The Seattle Public Library and the book drops at the Central Library will be closed on Presidents Day, Monday, Feb. 19.

Audio/video Equipment: Central Library Meeting Rooms

The Library has the following Audio/video (A/V) equipment available for use for an additional fee. See Availability and Rates for a list of A/V equipment rates.


Audio recording capabilities are available in the Microsoft Auditorium. Auditorium control room equipment must be operated by a Library A/V Coordinator for an additional fee of $75 per hour.


If the Library is unable to fill a special AV request, a list of recommended A/V equipment and facilitators will be provided.





LCD Projector

  • Over 2,000 ANSI lumens
  • Video and data projection

35mm Slide Projector

  • For 35mm film slides
  • Comes with carousel

Overhead Projector

  • Transparency projection

Projection Screen

  • Rooms 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 have built-in projection screens
  • Two 5 ft. and One 8 ft. tripod type available






Laptop Computer

  • For basic computing needs such as Internet access, PowerPoint and other office programs
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the building


Media Carts


Media Carts

Media Cart

  • 40" Plasma monitor with VCR, DVD, and 1 VGA computer connection with mini jack for computer audio
  • Comes with touch screen remote
  • Good for groups of up to 25

A/V Cart

  • Comes with AC power strip
  • Works well in most configurations in Rooms 1 and 2





Single speaker PA system

  • Self powered speaker with 5 band EQ comes with a standing microphone
  • One additional microphone input
  • 1¼" input and 1 RCA input for connecting I-pod, CD player or other periphery

Two-speaker sound system

  • Eight microphone or line level inputs
  • With recording outputs, effects, and equalizer
  • Comes with stands for the speakers
  • Works well in Rooms 1 or 2 with any set up





Polycom Speakerphone

  • Analog line only - not bridgeable to the sound system.
  • Available with extra microphones
  • We can refer you to a vendor for bridging support





Handheld microphone

  • Comes with microphone stand

Table or panel microphone

Wireless hand held microphone

  • Available with microphone stand

Lapel or lavalier microphone

Safe Place

Central Library
1000 Fourth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104



10 am - 8 pm


10 am - 8 pm


10 am - 8 pm


10 am - 8 pm


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10 am - 6 pm


Noon - 6 pm

Regional Manager:
Karen Spiel

Book Drop Hours


  • Monday - Friday
    6 am - 10 pm
  • Saturday - Sunday
    9:30 am - 6 pm

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