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February 20, 2018


Capitol Hill Branch : Branch Donors

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Donors to the Capitol Hill Branch: Named Spaces


The Seattle Public Library Foundation has received thousands of generous contributions to the "Campaign for Seattle's Public Libraries." In recognition of their gifts of $50,000 and above, we are pleased to honor the following supporters with named physical spaces in the Capitol Hill Branch of The Seattle Public Library.

Eulalie Bloedel Schneider Family Reading Area

Eulalie Bloedel Schneider returned to Seattle after living in Geneva, Switzerland, for 40 years. Her interests include her children, her friends, opera, and cultural and political events of her time. In addition, Eulalie B. Schneider created a foundation reflecting her particular interest in supporting economic self-sufficiency. On a personal level, the Reading Area echoes Schneider's celebration, pursuit, need, and stand for quiet and reflection.


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Capitol Hill Branch
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