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Art at the Beacon Hill Branch

The Dream Ship: Beacon Hill Discovery

Miles Pepper's kinetic boat sculpture rises above the building like a large weathervane pointing into the breeze. The highly engineered sculpture captures Beacon Hill's wind patterns and slowly changes form as it opens and closes with the wind. The fabricated metal boat symbolizes the spirit of adventure Pepper feels when entering a library.


The Dream Ship: 'Beacon Hill Discovery' The Dream Ship: 'Beacon Hill Discovery' The Dream Ship: 'Beacon Hill Discovery'


Ravens' Bill Downspouts

Pepper also designed rain scuppers for the west side of the building in his first project using the force of falling water. The rain scuppers collect rainwater from the lower roof of the branch. When they're full, they dramatically release the water into landscaped areas below.


Rain scupper - dry Rain scupper with water starting to flow Rain scupper releasing water

Literary artists

Eleven Beacon Hill-area writers and poets were selected to have their work installed at the branch.


Writing submissions were sought in two categories: poetry, short prose and short fiction, and haikus about each of the four seasons.


Winter: Winter moon hovers - powerlines ripple the dusk - crows fly toward home Fall: Leaves race along streets - like children rushing to school - pages to a book
Spring: At Beacon Hill Park - sell lemonade and flowers - on a sunny day


Haiku writers:
Stephanie Cerezo, Kathleen Craig, Xiu Vinh Mao, Craig Thompson


Prose and fiction writers:
Anna Balint, David Bowen, Elaine Iwano, Ted Iwata, Janice Kennedy, Claudia Mauro, Shira Richman

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