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SPL Hotspot Quickstart Guide

SPL HotSpot - Connecting Seattle

Wi-fi hotspot


  1. Press and hold the Power Button.
    You don't need to use the plug or cord - they're used to recharge the device.
  2. Wait about 30 seconds for the device to move through several screens.
  3. You may need to press the Select Button to move through a brief "Welcome Tutorial."
    Note: If the screen goes blank, reactivate by briefly pressing the Power Button (do not hold down)
  4. When the screen says "Wi-Fi Name/Password" at the bottom, press the Select Button .The hotspot's name and password will be displayed on the screen.
  5. In the Wi-Fi settings of your computer or device, choose the hotspot name and enter the hotspot password.



  1. NAVIGATE: Lightly touch the buttons at the bottom of the device to see different screens. This device does not have a touch screen.
  2. RESET DEVICE: If you experience problems, use a paper clip to press the reset button. The reset button is in a small rectangular recessed area labeled "reset" under the back cover.

Usage Notes:

  • CONTENT: This device does not filter content. Parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring children’s online activity.
  • Hotspot connects up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • FEE: A $199 fee will be charged to your Library account for lost devices or damaged devices.
  • OVERDUE: Internet access is deactivated within 24 hours beyond the due date.
  • RECHARGE DEVICE: Please fully charge the hotspot device before you return it. You will need the  cord and the two-pronged power supply. Look for the sliding cover on the side of the hotspot device. With Hotspot facing toward you, slide the cover to the left. Connect as illustrated. Plug into an electrical socket until the charge screen says the battery is 100%.

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