• You Can't Say That!

    You Can't Say That!

    Sharing candid interviews with 13 top children's and young adult authors who discuss why their books have faced censorship, a historian and critic puts First Amendment challenges into historical context and examines the support network that protects and defends young people's rights.

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  • Know your Rights and Claim Them

    Know your Rights and Claim Them

    Parker, Nicky

    "This book provides a deep dive into the protections and rights promised to children by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and before adulthood and how to defend them"--

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  • Own your Period

    Own your Period

    Quint, Chella

    "This fact-filled guide to periods answers all your essential questions like what's a vulva, what do periods actually feel like, and what happens if blood stains your clothes?" - Back cover.

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  • Accused


    Bah, Adama

    "Launching a propulsive middle grade nonfiction series, a young woman shares her harrowing experience of being wrongly accused of terrorism. Adama Bah grew up in East Harlem after immigrating from Conakry, Guinea, and was deeply connected to her community and the people who lived there. But as a thirteen-year-old after the events of September 11, 2001, she began experiencing discrimination and dehumanization as prejudice toward Muslim people grew. Then, on March 24, 2005, FBI agents arrested Adama and her father. Falsely accused of being a potential suicide bomber, Adama spent weeks in a detention center being questioned under suspicion of...

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  • The Book of Awesome Girls

    The Book of Awesome Girls

    Anderson, Becca

    Throughout history, feminists of all ages have changed society and inspired future generations. Short biographies highlight the effect that standing up and working hard can have.

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  • A Rebel in Auschwitz

    A Rebel in Auschwitz

    Fairweather, Jack

    "Occupied Warsaw, Summer 1940: Witold Pilecki, a Polish underground operative, accepted a mission to uncover the fate of thousands interned at a new concentration camp, report on Nazi crimes, raise a secret army, and stage an uprising. The name of the camp -- Auschwitz. Over the next two and half years, and under the cruelest of conditions, Pilecki's underground sabotaged facilities, assassinated Nazi officers, and gathered evidence of terrifying abuse and mass murder. But as he pieced together the horrifying Nazi plans to exterminate Europe's Jews, Pilecki realized he would have to risk his men, his life, and his family...

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  • The Other Talk

    The Other Talk

    Kiely, Brendan

    "All too many kids of color get 'the talk.' The talk about where to keep their hands, how to wear their clothes, how to speak, how to act around police-an honest talk, a talk about survival in a racist world. The get "the talk" because they must. But white kids don't get this talk. Instead, they're barely spoken to about race at all-and that needs to change. The Other Talk begins this much-needed conversation for white kids. In an accessible, anecdotal, and honest account from his own life, Brendan Kiely introduces young readers to white privilege, unconscious bias, and allyship-because...

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  • Dreams From My Father

    Dreams From My Father

    Obama, Barack

    Now adapted for young adults, the #1 New York times best-selling memoir offers an intimate look at Barack Obama's early days, tracing the future 44th president's odyssey through family, race, and identity.

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  • Find your Fierce

    Find your Fierce

    Sperling, Jacqueline

    "Become your bravest and fiercest self and overcome social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety is tough, but you don't have to figure it out alone. This empowering books will walk you through strategies that work. From practicing mindfulness to relaxing your body, you can train your brain to help you gradually get back to doing more of what you love to do. Master tools to manage anxiety in the future and keep it from managing you!" -- Back cover.

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  • How to Be A Global Citizen

    How to Be A Global Citizen

    An illustrated guide to how we can all make a difference in our local and global communities. Are you an aspiring activist or a curious community member? Then this is the perfect guide for you! Young people around the world are more aware than ever before of social, cultural, and environmental issues. They want their voices to be heard. They are keen to step up and make a difference. Packed with carefully curated and expert-written content, this fun illustrated guide helps young people explore the global issues that matter most to them and shows them practical ways to actively participate...

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