• Find your Fierce

    Find your Fierce

    Sperling, Jacqueline

    "Become your bravest and fiercest self and overcome social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety is tough, but you don't have to figure it out alone. This empowering books will walk you through strategies that work. From practicing mindfulness to relaxing your body, you can train your brain to help you gradually get back to doing more of what you love to do. Master tools to manage anxiety in the future and keep it from managing you!" -- Back cover.

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  • How to Be A Global Citizen

    How to Be A Global Citizen

    An illustrated guide to how we can all make a difference in our local and global communities. Are you an aspiring activist or a curious community member? Then this is the perfect guide for you! Young people around the world are more aware than ever before of social, cultural, and environmental issues. They want their voices to be heard. They are keen to step up and make a difference. Packed with carefully curated and expert-written content, this fun illustrated guide helps young people explore the global issues that matter most to them and shows them practical ways to actively participate...

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  • Punching Bag

    Punching Bag

    Ogle, Rex

    "The companion to Rex Ogle's award-winning Free Lunch is a searing account of adolescence in a household torn by domestic violence. Punching Bag is the compelling true story of a high school career defined by poverty and punctuated by outbreaks of domestic abuse. Rex Ogle, who brilliantly mapped his experience of hunger in Free Lunch, here describes his struggle to survive; reflects on his complex, often paradoxical relationship with his passionate, fierce mother; and charts the trajectory of his stepdad's anger. Hovering over Rex's story is the talismanic presence of his unborn baby sister. Through it all, Rex threads moments...

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  • The Young Cyclist's Companion

    The Young Cyclist's Companion

    Drinkell, Peter

    Who doesn't remember what it feels like to be a young person on a bike? Cycling offers kids an unrivalled freedom and independence. With global cycling trends on a new, post-pandemic high, ever more young people are experiencing the joys of the beautiful machine. This book is aimed at young people who are just entering into the world of cycling. It explains all the basics: How to choose a bike (types of bike, getting the right fit), basic maintenance (changing a tyre, cleaning your bike), cycling techniques (pedalling, gearing, cornering, bunny hops) and next level cycling (competitions and training). Alongisde...

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  • Unstoppable


    Wolfe, Helen

    "An illustrated book about ten women who face physical and mental health challenges, some from birth and some who became disabled later in life. But they all share the determination to make the world a better place, not just for themselves but for those who will come after them. Their fields are as diverse as elite sport, neurosurgery, architecture, and environmental activism, and while some have devoted themselves to disability policy, others prefer to lead by example. In either case they have proved themselves to be unstoppable."--

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  • Feminist AF

    Feminist AF

    Cooper, Brittney C.

    "Hip-hop and feminism combine in this empowering guide with attitude, from best-selling author Brittney Cooper and founding members of the Crunk Feminist Collective. Loud and rowdy girls, quiet and nerdy girls, girls who rock naturals, girls who wear weave, outspoken and opinionated girls, girls still finding their voice, queer girls, trans girls, and gender nonbinary young people who want to make the world better: Feminist AF uses the insights of feminism to address issues relevant to today's young women. What do you do when you feel like your natural hair is ugly, or when classmates keep touching it? How do...

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  • Black Birds in the Sky

    Black Birds in the Sky

    Colbert, Brandy

    "In the early morning of June 1, 1921, a white mob marched across the train tracks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and into its predominantly Black Greenwood District--a thriving, affluent neighborhood known as America's Black Wall Street. They brought with them firearms, gasoline, and explosives. In a few short hours, they'd razed thirty-five square blocks to the ground, leaving hundreds dead. The Tulsa Race Massacre is one of the most devastating acts of racial violence in US history. But how did it come to pass? What exactly happened? And why are the events unknown to so many of us today? These are...

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  • Evelyn Hooker and the Fairy Project

    Evelyn Hooker and the Fairy Project

    Pitman, Gayle E.

    "This biography tells the story of Evelyn Hooker, the woman behind the research, advocacy, and allyship that led to the removal of the "homosexuality" diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders"--

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  • Call and Response

    Call and Response

    Chambers, Veronica

    During 2020, widespread protests rooted in the call-and-response tradition of the Black community gained worldwide attention in the wake of high-profile wrongful deaths of Black people. From the founders to watershed moments, follow the activists and organizers on their journeys and discover the ways that protest has been fundamental to American democracy, eventually making meaningful change.

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  • Engineering for Teens

    Engineering for Teens

    McCauley, Pamela

    Explore engineering as a career with this introduction for ages 12 to 16 The job of an engineer is to solve all sorts of complex challenges facing the world while improving our lives through creative, innovative ideas. This engineering book for teens gives you a look into what engineers do and how they drive society forward through math and science. From designing tablets and smartphones to reimagining the way we collect and store renewable energy, this engineering book for teens introduces you to the major engineering disciplines and their distinct specialties, famous engineers throughout history, and more.

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