• Country of Ghosts

    Country of Ghosts

    Killjoy, Margaret

    "Dimos Horacki is a Borolian journalist and a cynical patriot, his muckraking days behind him. But when his newspaper ships him to the front, he's embedded in the Imperial Army and the reality of colonial expansion is laid bare before him. His adventures take him from villages and homesteads to the great refugee city of Hronople, built of glass, steel, and stone, all the while a war rages around him. The empire fights for coal and iron, but the anarchists of Hron fight for their way of life."--Page 4 of cover.

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  • The Garden of Rama

    The Garden of Rama

    Clarke, Arthur C.

    Sequel to: Rama II. During the 23rd century, three human cosmonauts learn of their destination and their challenge in a rendezvous with a Raman base.

    Format: Book

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  • Perhaps the Stars

    Perhaps the Stars

    Palmer, Ada

    "From the 2017 John W. Campbell Award Winner for Best Writer, Ada Palmer's Perhaps the Stars is the final book of the Hugo Award-shortlisted Terra Ignota series..."--

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  • Queen of Teeth

    Queen of Teeth

    Piper, Hailey

    "Within forty-eight hours, Yaya Betancourt will go from discovering teeth between her thighs to being hunted by one of the most powerful corporations in America. She assumes the vagina dentata is a side effect of a rare genetic condition caused by AlphaBeta Pharmaceutical, decades ago, when she and several thousand others were still in the womb. But, when ABP corporate goons upend her life, she realizes her secondary teeth might be evidence of a new experiment for which she's the most advanced test tube . . . a situation worsened when Yaya's condition sprouts horns, tentacles, and a mind of...

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  • Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas

    Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas

    Skaftun, Emily C.

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  • Cosmogramma


    Newland, Courttia

    "In his exquisite first collection of speculative fiction, Courttia Newland envisages an alternate future as lived by the African diaspora. Kill parties roam the streets of a post-apocalyptic world; a matriarchal race of mer creatures depends on interbreeding with mortals to survive; mysterious seeds appear in cities across the world, growing into the likeness of people in their vicinity. Through transfigured bodies and impossible encounters, Newland brings a sharp, fresh eye to age-old themes of the human capacity for greed, ambition, and self-destruction, but ultimately of our strength and resilience"--Inside jacket.

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  • Moscodelphia


    Rafferty, Charles

    "Magda Puzanov knows three things about her world: the taste of angel meat, the perils of loving an albino, and the smudge of pollution on her horizon, which is all she can see of Moscodelphia -- the city that can end her poverty. Magda is a farm girl who falls in love with Anton Petrovich, an albino reputed to have magical powers. When the crops begin failing across the countryside, Anton's neighbors grow hungry and fall back on their old superstitions. It is Magda's own brother who cuts off one of Anton's fingers for a charm, and Magda realizes that...

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  • Rendezvous With Rama

    Rendezvous With Rama

    Clarke, Arthur C.

    "Winner of the Campbell, Hugo, Jupiter, and Nebula awards upon its release in 1973, Rendezvous with Rama is widely regarded as one of the cornerstones of Grand Master Arthur C. Clarke's work"--

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  • Trinity


    Bara, Dave

    "The Rim rebellion was glorious-and doomed from the start. Brilliant Rim Confederation Navy spaceship captain Jared Clement skuttled his career and professional life by joining the rebels against the overwhelming force of the 5 Suns Alliance. The rebel cause was just. That didn't matter. Ten years later, Clement regrets nothing, but would prefer to be left alone to his thoughts and drink. But a new chance to command a ship of incredible potential is thrust in his lap-humanity's first truly faster-than-light vessel. The destination: Trinity, a newly discovered star system where strange signs of possible spacefarers may lead to humanity's...

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  • Every Star A Song

    Every Star A Song

    Posey, Jay

    "Far in the future, human beings have seeded themselves among the stars. Since decoding the Deep Language of the universe eight thousand years ago, they have built a near-utopia across thousands of worlds, united and ruled by a powerful organization known as the Ascendance. But when a mysterious new planet appears out of nowhere, the stability of the cosmos is threatened. Once Elyth created order for the Ascendance using her power to destroy entire planets with a single phrase. But when she tries to put the past behind her, she's offered a deal: explore this strange planet and be granted...

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