• The Historians

    The Historians

    Boland, Eavan

    "A forceful and moving new volume from "one of the finest and boldest poets of the last half century" (Poetry Review). Acclaimed poet Eavan Boland has been praised for her "edgy precision, an uncanny sympathy and warmth, an unsettling sense of history" (J.D. McClatchy)-all on display in The Historians. Here Boland returns to her signature themes, exploring the ways in which the hidden, sometimes all-but-erased, stories of women's lives can powerfully revise our sense of the past. Two women burning letters in a back garden. A poet who died too young. A mother's parable to her daughter. These narratives cling...

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  • Nada

    Literary magazine with short stories, poetry, and art.

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  • Train Music

    Train Music

    Giscombe, C. S.

    "Train Music chronicles the 2017 four-day railroad trip (New York to California) of poet C. S. Giscombe and book artist Judith Margolis, old friends. Giscombe was returning home to address an all-white audience on white supremacy; expatriate Margolis, usually solitary and itinerant, was visiting the country of her birth, drawing scenery and collaging insomniac night visions. Journeying, conversing, arguing, sharing memories, they document a complex and volatile American landscape, one at once geographicaland historical, one holding specific implications for the lives of both. Margolis and Giscombe chart their own passage through all that, through a dangerous and puzzling world that-too...

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  • Come-hither Honeycomb

    Come-hither Honeycomb

    Belieu, Erin

    "A collection of poems by Erin Belieu"--

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  • Tethered to Stars

    Tethered to Stars

    Joudah, Fady

    "From Fady Joudah, an elegant collection of poems that shifts deftly between the microscope, the telescope, and the horoscope"--

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  • Field Music

    Field Music

    Hall, Alexandria

    "In her remarkable and assured debut, Alexandria Hall explores the boundaries and limits of language, place, and the self, as well as the complicated space between safety and danger, intimacy and isolation, playfulness and seriousness, home and away. With a keen eye for the importance of place, Hall shows us daily life in rural Vermont, illuminating the beauty and difficulty inherent in the dichotomies of human language and experience. Incisive and tender, Field Music is a thoughtful and alert collection from a major emerging voice" --

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  • Music for the Dead and Resurrected

    Music for the Dead and Resurrected

    Mort, Valzhyna

    "A new collection of poems by a prize-winning poet"--

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  • The Essential Ruth Stone

    The Essential Ruth Stone

    Stone, Ruth

    "A collection drawn from Ruth Stone's previous books."--

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  • Fantasia for the Man in Blue

    Fantasia for the Man in Blue

    Blount, Tommye

    "An examination of a brutal America through the voices of its most vulnerable sons. In his debut collection, Fantasia for the Man in Blue, Tommye Blount orchestrates a chorus of distinct, unforgettable voices that speak to the experience of the black, queer body as a site of desire and violence. A black man's late-night encounter with a police officer - the titular "man in blue" - becomes an extended meditation on a dangerous, erotic fantasy. The late Luther Vandross, resurrected here in a suite of poems, addresses the contradiction between his public persona and a life spent largely in the...

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  • I Would Leave Me If I Could

    I Would Leave Me If I Could


    "In this debut collection, Halsey bares her soul. Bringing the same artistry found in her lyrics, Halsey's poems delve into the highs and lows of doomed relationships, family ties, sexuality, and mental illness. More hand grenades than confessions, these autobiographical poems explore and dismantle conventional notions of what it means to be a feminist in search of power." -- Amazon.com.

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