• What Small Sound

    What Small Sound

    Bell, Francesca

    "Francesca Bell's second collection of poems, What Small Sound, interrogates what it means to be a mother in a country where there are five times as many guns as children; female in a country where a woman is raped every two minutes; and citizen of a world teeming with iniquities and peril. In poems rich in metaphor and music and unflinching in their gaze, Bell offers us an exacting view of the audiologist's booth and the locked ward as she grapples with the gradual loss of her own hearing and the mental illness spreading its dark wings over her family....

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  • Skeletons


    Landau, Deborah, Ph.D.

    "A collection of poems by Deborah Landau"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Apocrifa


    Flame, Amber

    "Apocrifa imagines a love that sits comfortably at the crossroads of commitment and freedom. The developing intimacy between a lover and their beloved is propelled by a compendium of words for love, romance, sex, relationships, and affection that do not lend to direct translation in English. Serving as both titles and markers of the progression of time, these poetically defined words highlight the growing tension of one who claims "i cannot love you enough/to unlove the wide world" and yet is inextricably drawn to the offer of "a place of sustenance, rest, and my delight in your very bones." Heavily...

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  • ʻĀina Hānau

    ʻĀina Hānau

    McDougall, Brandy Nālani

    "'Āina Hānau / Birth Lands is a powerful collection of new poems by Kanaka ʻŌiwi (Native Hawaiian) poet Brandy Nālani McDougall. These poems cycle through sacred and personal narratives while exposing and fighting ongoing American imperialism, settler colonialism, militarism, and social and environmental injustice to protect the ʻāina and its people"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • America Needs A Buddhist President

    Bevell, Brett

    Bold poetic vision of America under the leadership of a Buddhist president. Brett Bevell's prophetic voice and Ebsen Dodd's simple but elegant line drawings proclaim a radical alternative American dream in the tradition of Buddhism-inspired writers Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac.

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  • Zen Baby

    A cut and paste literary zine featuring poetry by the editor, Christopher Robin. Issue #4 includes a review of a Patti Smith concert.

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  • The Black Condition Ft. Narcissus

    The Black Condition Ft. Narcissus

    Dodd, Jayy

    "The Black Condition ft. Narcissus is preemptive memoir, documenting the beginning of the author's gender transition and paralleling the inauguration of our latest Administration. These poems speak to and from fears holed up inside while contextualizing the cosmic impacts of our political landscape. Ranging from autobiographic melancholy to rigorously meditative, here is a necessary voice to process the world, predicated on unknowable desire and blossoming tragedy"--Amazon.com

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  • Deal


    Mann, Randall

    "A collection of poetry by Randall Mann"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • The World Behind the World

    The World Behind the World

    Bernard, April

    "Balancing emotional openness with formal restraint, April Bernard proves once again a poet who 'harmonizes the raucous and the classic, the songful and the wry, the courtly and the quick' (Wayne Koestenbaum). Throughout her sixth collection, Bernard searches for 'the world behind the world,' a spiritual realm of justice and peace, music and grace. The host of saints present in this parallel world includes poets--John Ashbery, Thomas Wyatt, Gerard Manley Hopkins--as well as folklore spirits, animals wild and domestic, and personal ghosts. Mystical, daring, expertly crafted, and ironic, The World Behind the World embarks on a wide-ranging journey through memory...

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  • Home


    Hanson, Whitney

    "From Tiktok phenomenon Whitney Hanson, a revised edition of her bestselling Home, now with a new introduction and more than a dozen new poems "the bees aren't going to go away but they are going to change with you sometimes they will be chaotic sometimes they will rest sometimes they will give you sweet honey and sometimes they will remind you of how much love can sting but if you can find a home within yourself and make peace with your bees you will be alright" --from Home Resonant, raw, and vibrant, Home is a lyrical map to navigating heartbreak....

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