• We Had Our Reasons

    We Had Our Reasons

    Ruiz, Ricardo

    "We Had Our Reasons is a collection of poems created by Ricardo Ruiz in collaboration with other members of his Mexican farm community in Eastern Washington. The poems, vivid and pointed, guide the reader through the thoughts and struggles that come with the decision to leave one's home in Mexico, and travel to this remote, rural community of the United States. Through the book access is provided to readers; stories that have gone untold for generations are now shared, evoking conversation at home and within the community due to the commonality of experiences. Biographies and transcripts follow the poems, showcasing...

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  • Mankiller Poems

    Mankiller Poems

    Mankiller, Wilma

    "Wilma Mankiller was not known as a poet. With a tip from her husband, Charlie Soap, and her friend, Kristina Kiehl, Pulley Press founders learned that Mankiller had been writing poetry throughout her life. After searching through her barn at Mankiller Flats in Adair County Oklahoma, Greg Shaw and Frances McCue located 19 of the 20 poems published here. The 20th came from the collection of Kristina Kiehl. The poems show Mankiller's engagement with her own artistry and reflection upon her life, particularly her Native heritage and the role of women in the world. Readers of Mankiller Poems might include...

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  • Evergreen


    "In this rich, shadowy, glittering anthology edited by Sharma Shields and Maya Jewell Zeller, 56 Northwest writers share their singular stories, essays, and poems that center what Shields calls 'the literature of despair.' These pages confront what is difficult in life with extraordinary precision and grace: In Beth Piatote's story 'Secondary Infection, ' a Yakama auntie narrates the undoing of a lonely woman; in the essay 'There Is No Story Until It Happens to You, ' Richard Fifield writes about a devastating car crash in the remote Montana northlands of his youth; in his series of poems, 'During the Pandemic,...

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  • Ante Body

    Ante Body

    Helal, Marwa

    An incisive poetic sequence that tracks the relationship between migration and complex traumas in this unsparing critique of the unjust conditions that brought us the global pandemic. Ante body is a poetics of [un]rest. A project that started as an exploration of how the psychological impacts of migration and complex traumas manifest as autoimmune disease and grew into a critique of the ongoing unjust conditions that brought on the global pandemic. Continuing her use of the invented poetic form, the Arabic, and integrating Fred Moten's concept of "the ANTE," Helal creates an elliptical reading experience in which content and form...

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  • Dear Volcano

    Atkinson, Félicia

    "A poem to be read sequentially while looking in a mirror, with only a word or two on each page."--ZAPP zine catalog.

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  • Tiger Ants Gone Telescoping

    Murphy, Dan

    "...[I]t's a sort of artsy/collage/poetic type of zine that I did with my brother, Jeremiah."--Author's web site.

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  • Damaged Goods

    Matik, Wendy-O

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  • The Conspiracy

    Bruback, Mark

    "A collection of new and previously released work by Mark Bruback"--Page 4 of cover

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  • Darkest Corners of

    Blood, Drew

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  • Unraveling


    Leake, Brandon

    "From famous spoken word poet, artistic educator, and founder/CEO of 'Called to Move' Brandon Leake comes his debut poetry collection Unraveling. In an era of self love, the ability to love oneself is only as effective as the ability to know oneself. Throughout his collection, Leake asks readers to look at something beautiful, yet still see its flaws. On the flip side, he encourages readers to look at something evil, and yet still see the beauty it holds. Universally relatable, surprisingly educational, and all around powerful, Unraveling is a collection of poetry inspiring us to slow down, breathe, and read...

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