• Late Summer Ode

    Late Summer Ode

    Davis, Olena Kalytiak

    "A collection of poems by Olena Kalytiak Davis"--

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  • The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes on

    The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes on

    Choi, Franny

    "Many have called our time dystopian. But The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On reminds us that apocalypse has already come in myriad ways for marginalized peoples. With lyric and tonal dexterity, these poems spin backwards and forwards in time--from Korean comfort women during World War II, to the precipice of climate crisis, to children wandering a museum in the future. They explore narrative distances and queer linearity, investigating on microscopic scales before soaring towards the universal. Wrestling with the griefs and distances of this apocalyptic world, Choi also imagines what togetherness--between Black and Asian and other marginalized...

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  • Divine Blue Light (for John Coltrane)

    Divine Blue Light (for John Coltrane)

    Alexander, Will

    "Divine Blue Light is anchored by three major works: the opening 'Condoned to Disappearance,' a meditation on the heteronymic exploits of Portuguese modernist Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), the closing 'Imprecation as Mirage,' a poem channeling an apparently real Indonesian man, Taroon Kampoor, whose name spontaneously appeared in the poet's mind, and the title poem, an anthemic ode to the deconstructive maximalism of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane (1926-1967). Other key pieces include 'Accessing Gertrude Bell,' a critique of its titular subject (1868-1926), one of the architects of British Middle East policy and designers of the modern state of Iraq, 'Deficits: Chaïm Soutine...

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  • Or, on Being the Other Woman

    Or, on Being the Other Woman

    White, Simone

    "Simone White's or, on being the other woman is a book-length poem that considers the dynamics of contemporary Black feminist materiality. White writes through a hybrid of poetry, essay, personal narrative, and critical theory in order to attest to the narrative complexities of writing and living as a Black woman and artist"--

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  • Circle of Unity

    Writing and art from the fifth annual Homeless Women's Forum.

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  • 8 Poems for 75Ø

    Adair, Gavin

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  • Promises of Gold

    Promises of Gold

    Olivarez, Josae

    "A groundbreaking collection of poems addressing how every kind of love-self, brotherly, romantic, familial, cultural-is birthed, shaped, and complicated by the invisible forces of gender, capitalism, religion, migration, and so on. Written in English andcombined with a Spanish translation by poet David Ruano, Promises of Gold explores many forms of love and how "a promise made isn't always a promise kept," as Olivarez grapples with the contradictions of the American Dream laying bare the ways in which "love is complicated by forces larger than our hearts.""--

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  • Extinction Theory

    Extinction Theory

    Lam, Kien

    "Extinction Theory is a collection of pseudoscience poems that try to provide rationales for some of life's most salient mysteries. Where is God? What does it mean to belong? Who killed the dinosaurs? Kien Lam creates new worlds with new rules to better answer these perennial questions. His poetry is that of discovery, of looking at the world as if for the first time. Lam exposes the transitory and transcendent nature of things and how we find meaning. At the heart of this collection is also a cataloging of the smaller "extinctions" in life. Every passing moment is the death...

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  • 50 Things Kate Bush Taught Me About the Multiverse

    50 Things Kate Bush Taught Me About the Multiverse

    McGlynn, Karyna

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  • Punks


    Keene, John

    "A landmark collection of poetry by acclaimed fiction writer, translator, and MacArthur Fellow John Keene, Punks: New & Selected Poems is a generous treasury in seven sections that spans decades and includes previously unpublished and brand new work. With depth and breadth, Punks weaves together historic narratives of loss, lust, and love. The many voices that emerge in these poems--from historic Black personalities, both familial and famous, to the poet's friends and lovers in gay bars and bedrooms--form a cast of characters capable of addressing desire, oppression, AIDS, and grief through sorrowful songs that "we sing as hard as we...

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