• Pink Triangle Legacies

    Pink Triangle Legacies

    Newsome, W. Jake

    "This book chronicles the seventy-five-year struggle for the acknowledgment and memorialization of the Nazis' LGBTQ victims. It simultaneously traces how LGBTQ people in Germany and the United States transformed the pink triangle from a Nazi concentration camp badge into an international symbol of queer identity and activism beginning in the 1970s"--

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  • The Greatest Comeback

    The Greatest Comeback

    Bacon, John U.

    "In time for the 50th anniversary, the first book written with the complete cooperation of the whole team "All those years, we really had no idea what the Soviets had been up to. But we'd find out soon enough. And by the time we did, it was almost too late."--Ken Dryden The Summit Series started on Saturday, September 2, 1972 when Cold War tensions could not have been higher. But then, that was the whole point of setting up this unprecedented hockey series. Team Canada featuring Canada's best players - all NHL stars, half of them future Hall of Famers...

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  • Divine Blue Light (for John Coltrane)

    Divine Blue Light (for John Coltrane)

    Alexander, Will

    "Divine Blue Light is anchored by three major works: the opening 'Condoned to Disappearance,' a meditation on the heteronymic exploits of Portuguese modernist Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), the closing 'Imprecation as Mirage,' a poem channeling an apparently real Indonesian man, Taroon Kampoor, whose name spontaneously appeared in the poet's mind, and the title poem, an anthemic ode to the deconstructive maximalism of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane (1926-1967). Other key pieces include 'Accessing Gertrude Bell,' a critique of its titular subject (1868-1926), one of the architects of British Middle East policy and designers of the modern state of Iraq, 'Deficits: Chaïm Soutine...

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  • The Embroidered Closet

    The Embroidered Closet

    Stratkotter, Alexandra

    Perfect for all levels of stitchers, this instructional guide to garment embroidery, in which sustainability meets DIY, demonstrates how to embellish clothing through stylish and classic designs, and includes information on tools, techniques, and stitches.

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  • What World Is This?

    What World Is This?

    Butler, Judith

    "Whether we start from the pandemic, climate change, the inequality engendered by capitalism, the violence of racism and sexism, or any of a number of global crises, it is apparent that we are far from any idea of a common world, a world that is a site of belonging. Such a world would require a fundamental transformation of how we understand value--that everyone's life has value beyond market value and that the world is structured to facilitate everyone's flourishing. Such a world requires, too, the upending and reorientation of everyone's epistemic field, one's very sense of the limit and structure...

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