• Classic Home Cooking From Japan

    Classic Home Cooking From Japan

    Yoshida, Asako

    Learn to cook sushi, tonkatsu, teriyaki, tempura, and more.

    Format: Book

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  • Birds of North America

    Birds of North America

    A definitive guide to North American bird species. The bird profiles are detailed yet accessible, and include a wealth of information on social behavior, nesting habits, and flight patterns. -- adapted from back cover

    Format: Book

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  • Aliens Among Us

    Aliens Among Us

    Kariko, Daniel

    "With more than sixty stunning photographs of pillbugs, silverfish, moths, and other household insects, Aliens Among Us depicts a hidden world flourishing in our homes. Over the course of his photography career, Daniel Kariko came to realize that many of his most stunning subjects could be found in his own subdivision in Greenville, North Carolina. Determined to show the rest of us that his experience is hardly unusual, Kariko utilizes a combination of a Scanning Electron Microscope and optical Stereo Microscope to achieve a portrait-like effect for insects and arthropods. Vibrant in color and surprising in personality, these images reveal...

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  • Patent It Yourself

    Patent It Yourself

    Pressman, David

    Two patent attorneys guide inventors through the process of getting a patent, from start to finish.

    Format: Book

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  • Aren't You Forgetting Someone?

    Aren't You Forgetting Someone?

    Lizer, Kari

    "What does it feel like to have your kids leave the house at the same time your parents might need to move in? With self-deprecating humor, sharp wit, and Ephron-esque aplomb, Kari Lizer gives an honest account of finding herself in the middle of growing up, growing old, and still figuring it all out. She finds the wry, bittersweet humor in (almost) all situations--whether it's becoming radioactive during a thyroid cancer treatment, getting fired from her volunteer work, or struggling to find her identity outside of motherhood. Aren't You Forgetting Someone? speaks to those of us who lament the invisibility...

    Format: Book

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