• The White Lady

    The White Lady

    Winspear, Jacqueline

    "The White Lady introduces yet another extraordinary heroine from Jacqueline Winspear, creator of the best-selling Maisie Dobbs series. This heart-stopping novel, set in Post WWII Britain in 1947, follows the coming of age and maturity of former wartime operative Elinor White--veteran of two wars, trained killer, protective of her anonymity--when she is drawn back into the world of menace she has been desperate to leave behind. A reluctant ex-spy with demons of her own, Elinor finds herself facing down one of the most dangerous organized crime gangs in London, ultimately exposing corruption from Scotland Yard to the highest levels of...

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  • The Red Widow Murders

    The Red Widow Murders

    Carr, John Dickson

    They say that Lord Mantling's mansion is haunted--at least, one room of it is. Known as the Red Widow's Chamber, the now-sealed quarters once housed the wife of a guillotine operator in the French Revolution and, since her passing, have been host to a century of unsolved horrors including the death of a man in 1802, the death of a child in 1895, and a number of mysterious mortalities in the years in between. Now, in 1935, eight men and women join at the manor for a sinister experiment to determine the truth once and for all: they each draw...

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  • I Will Find You

    I Will Find You

    Coben, Harlan

    "An innocent father serving life for the murder of his own son receives evidence that his child may still be alive, and must break out of prison to find out the truth"--

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  • The Golden Spoon

    The Golden Spoon

    Maxwell, Jessa

    "When production for the tenth season of the hit cooking competition Bake Week begins at the gothic estate of the show's host and founder, celebrity chef Betsy Martin, everything seems normal. The six contestants are eager to prove their culinary talents over the course of five days, while Betsy struggles for control of the show with her new co-host, the brash and unpredictable Archie Morris. But as the baking competition gets under way, things begin to go awry. At first it's merely sabotage-sugar replaced with salt, a burner turned to high-but then someone shows up dead and suddenly everyone's a...

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  • Red Queen

    Red Queen

    Gómez-Jurado, Juan

    "Introducing Antonia Scott--the most compelling and original detective since Lisbeth Salander--in Juan Gómez-Jurado's Red Queen, the #1 international award-winning bestseller & thriller that has taken the world by storm. Antonia Scott--the daughter of a British diplomat and a Spanish mother--has a gifted forensic mind, whose ability to reconstruct crimes and solve baffling murders is legendary. But after a personal trauma, she's refused to continue her work or even leave her apartment. Jon Gutierrez, a police officer in Bilbao--disgraced, suspended, and about to face criminal charges--is offered a chance to salvage his career by a secretive organization that works in the...

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  • I Love It When You Lie

    I Love It When You Lie

    Bird, Kristen

    "The Williams women don't just keep secrets ... They bury them. The three Williams girls are as close as sisters can be, and they also share one special trait in common: each of them have a man in their lives that they could do without ... Their sister-in-law Stephanie, an outsider, knows all the family dirt and is watching the three of them ... When the woman who raised them, their beloved Gran, dies on the eve of her eightieth birthday, the Williams sisters return home to the Appalachian foothills to bury her. But their grandmother won't be the only...

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  • Lovely Girls

    Lovely Girls

    Hunt, Margot (Novelist)

    "After the sudden death of her husband, Kate Turner is looking for a fresh start for herself and her teenage daughter, Alex. They relocate to the beachside town of Shoreham, Florida, where all is not as sunny as it seems. Although Kate makes fast friends with a trio of fellow moms, their daughters take an instant dislike to Alex, who attempts to document their bullying in her video diary. Kate brushes off Alex's concerns--until she receives a series of chilling warnings about the clique of moms from other parents and neighbors. As it becomes harder for her to ignore the...

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  • The Dead Will Rise

    The Dead Will Rise

    Nickson, Chris

    "Leeds. April, 1824. Wealthy engineer Joseph Clark employs thief-taker Simon Westow to find the men who stole the buried corpse of Catherine Jordan, his employee's daughter. Simon is stunned and horrified to realize there's a gang of body snatchers in Leeds. He needs to discover who bought Catherine's body and where it is now. As he hunts for answers, he learns that a number of corpses have vanished from graveyards in the town. Can Simon and his assistant Jane bring the brutal, violent Resurrection men who are selling the dead to medical schools to justice and give some peace to...

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  • Marlowe


    Banville, John

    "'It was one of those Tuesday afternoons in summer when you wonder if the earth has stopped revolving.' So begins a new novel featuring Philip Marlowe -- yes, that Philip Marlowe. Channeling Raymond Chandler, John Banville has brought Marlowe back to life for a new adventure on the mean streets of Bay City, California. It is the early 1950s, Marlowe is as restless and lonely as ever, and business is a little slow. Then a new client is shown in: blond, beautiful, and expensively dressed, she wants Marlowe to find her former lover. Almost immediately, Marlowe discovers that the man's...

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  • A Gentle Murderer

    A Gentle Murderer

    Davis, Dorothy Salisbury

    "Hailed by critic Anthony Boucher as "one of the best detective stories of modern times," this classic tale by Grand Master Dorothy Salisbury Davis combines suspense and psychological insight as a priest and a police detective both race to find a self-confessed murderer before he is compelled to kill again. "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned ..." Father Duffy has heard many confessions through the years, but none quite so disturbing as the one he's heard tonight. A young man enters the confessional just as the priest is readying to leave for the evening; he's distraught that he has...

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