• Due to A Death

    Due to A Death

    Kelly, Mary

    "A car speeds down a road between miles of marshes and estuary flats, its passenger a young woman named Agnes--hands bloodied, numbed with fear, her world turned upside down. Meanwhile, the news of a girl found dead on the marsh is spreading round the local area, panic following in its wake. A masterpiece of suspense, Mary Kelly's 1962 novel follows Agnes as she casts her mind back through the past few days to find the links between her husband, his friends, a mysterious stranger new to the village, and a case of unexplained death. Gripping, intelligent and affecting, Due to...

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  • Death and Hard Cider

    Death and Hard Cider

    Hambly, Barbara

    Musician, sleuth and free man of color Benjamin January gets mixed in politics, with murderous results. September, 1840. A giant rally is being planned in New Orleans to stir up support for presidential candidate William Henry Harrison: the Indian-killing, hard-cider-drinking, wannabe "people's president". Trained surgeon turned piano-player Benjamin January has little use for politicians. But the run-up to the rally is packed with balls and dinner parties, and the meagre pay is sorely needed. Soon, however, January has more to worry about than keeping his beloved family fed and safe. During an elegant reception thrown by New Orleans' local Whig...

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  • The Long Fall

    The Long Fall

    Mosley, Walter

    Leonid McGill is an ex-boxer, a hard drinker, and not one to turn down a shady job for a quick buck. He's an old-school PI working a New York City that's gotten fancy all around him. Meanwhile, he's just trying to get by--at least for his wife and kids. Maybe it's time for McGill to turn over a new leaf. Or at least go from crooked to slightly bent.

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  • Last Call at the Nightingale

    Last Call at the Nightingale

    Schellman, Katharine

    "New York, 1924. Vivian Kelly's days are filled with drudgery, from the tenement lodging she shares with her sister to the dress shop where she sews for hours every day. But at night, she escapes to The Nightingale, an underground dance hall where illegal liquor flows and the band plays the Charleston with reckless excitement. With a bartender willing to slip her a free glass of champagne and friends who know the owner, Vivian can lose herself in the music. No one asks where she came from or how much money she has. No one bats an eye if she...

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  • Black Betty

    Black Betty

    Mosley, Walter

    "1961: For most black Americans, these were times of hope. For former P.I. Easy Rawlins, Los Angeles's mean streets were never meaner...or more deadly. Ordinarily, Easy would have thrown the two bills in the sleazy shamus' face -- the white man who wanted him to find the notorious Black Betty, an ebony siren whose talent for all things rich and male took her from Houston's Fifth Ward to Beverly Hills. There was too much Easy wasn't being told, but he couldn't resist the prospect of seeing Betty again, even if it killed him...."--Provided by publisher.

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  • Peril at the Exposition

    Peril at the Exposition

    March, Nev

    "Captain Jim Agnihotri and his new bride, Diana Framji, return in Nev March's Peril at the Exposition, the follow up to March's award-winning, Edgar finalist debut, Murder in Old Bombay. 1893: Newlyweds Captain Jim Agnihotri and Diana Framji are settlinginto their new home in Boston, Massachusetts, having fled the strict social rules of British-ruled Bombay. It's a different life than what they left behind, but theirs is no ordinary marriage: Jim, now a detective at the Dupree Agency, is teaching Diana the art of deduction he's learned from his idol, Sherlock Holmes. Everyone is talking about the preparations for the...

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  • Take No Names

    Take No Names

    Nieh, Daniel

    "A riveting thriller about a young man on the run from a furtive past, in search of a quick payday in Mexico City, who finds himself in the crosshairs of a dangerous international scheme"--

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  • Augusta Hawke

    Augusta Hawke

    Malliet, G. M.

    "Successful crime author Augusta Hawke lives a quiet existence in her village outside Washington DC, until the police appear next door. Where are her neighbors, the Normans? They've been missing over a week. Sensing a bestselling story is unfolding next door, Augusta puts the investigatory skills she's developed during her writing to the test"--

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  • The Widow of Bath

    The Widow of Bath

    Bennett, Margot

    "First published in 1952, The Widow of Bath offers intricate puzzles, international intrigue, and a richly evoked portrait of post-war Britain, all delivered with Bennett's signature brand of witty and elegant prose. This edition includes an introductionby CWA Diamond Dagger Award-winning author Martin Edwards. Hugh Everton was intent on nothing more than quietly drinking in the second-rate hotel he found himself in on England's south coast-and then in walked his old flame Lucy and her new husband and ex-judge, Gregory Bath. Entreated by Lucy to join her party for an evening back at the Bath residence, Hugh is powerless to...

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  • Holy Chow

    Holy Chow

    Rosenfelt, David

    "In Holy Chow, the next mystery from bestselling author David Rosenfelt, the beloved characters-both human and canine-of this fan favorite series are back on the case with the author's trademark wit and humor. Retired lawyer Andy Carpenter's calling has always been running the Tara Foundation. The dog rescue organization places hundreds of dogs in new homes every year. It's added up to so many dogs and new owners that Andy can't even do the math. But there's one dog-and one owner-Andy will always remember. About a year ago, Rachel Morehouse came to the foundation looking for a companion. In her...

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