• The Burning

    The Burning

    Kellerman, Jonathan

    "Things get personal for Deputy Coroner Clay Edison when a murder hits close to home in this riveting, emotional thriller from the bestselling father-son team who write "brilliant, page-turning fiction" (Stephen King). A raging wildfire. A massive blackout. A wealthy man shot to death in his palatial hilltop home. For Clay Edison, it's all in a day's work. As a deputy coroner, caring for the dead, he speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. He prides himself on an unflinching commitment to the truth. Even when it gets him into trouble. Then, while working the murder scene, Clay is...

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  • Miss Kopp Investigates

    Miss Kopp Investigates

    Stewart, Amy

    "Life after the war takes an unexpected turn for the Kopp sisters, but soon enough, they are putting their unique detective skills to use in new and daring ways"--

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  • Hemlock


    Albert, Susan Wittig

    "From Susan Wittig Albert, the New York Times bestselling author of A Plain Vanilla Murder, comes a tightly crafted novel that juxtaposes the disappearance of a rare, remarkably illustrated 18th-century herbal with the true and all-too-human story of its gifted creator, Elizabeth Blackwell. Herbalist China Bayles' latest adventure takes her to the mountains of North Carolina, where her friend Dorothea Harper serves as the director and curator of the Hemlock House Library, a priceless collection of rare gardening books housed in a haunted mountainside mansion that once belonged to Sunny Carswell, a reclusive heiress. But the most valuable book--A Curious...

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  • Scandal in Babylon

    Scandal in Babylon

    Hambly, Barbara

    "1924. After six months in Hollywood, young British widow Emma Blackstone has come to love her new employer, glamourous movie-star Kitty Flint--even if her late husband's sister is one of the worst actresses she's ever seen. Looking after Kitty and her three adorable Pekinese dogs isn't work academically-minded Emma dreamed of, but Kitty rescued her when she was all alone in the world. Now, the worst thing she has to worry about is the shocking historical inaccuracies of the films Kitty stars in. Until, that is, Rex Festraw--Kitty's first husband, to whom she may or may not still be married--turns...

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  • Best Kept Secrets

    Best Kept Secrets

    Florio, Gwen

    "Nora Best is done running. She's heading to her hometown of Chateau, to the grand Quail House, to stay with her mother and claim the great American privilege of starting over. But she might find it is hard to start over when the past is catching up . . . The night Nora arrives in Chateau, a white police officer shoots and kills Robert Evans, a young black man. The officer in question is Nora's school sweetheart, Alden Tydings. What really happened that night? Did Alden act in self-defense as he claims? Robert is the nephew of Bobby Evans, a...

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  • Brass Lives

    Brass Lives

    Nickson, Chris

    "Leeds, June 1913. Deputy Chief Constable Tom Harper is a busy man. He's overseeing a national suffragist pilgrimage due in Leeds that his wife Annabelle intends to join, and his daughter Mary has exciting plans of her own. Then a letter arrives from police in New York: Davey Mullen, an American gangster born in Leeds, is on his way back to the city, fleeing a bloody gang war. Despite Tom's best efforts to keep an eye on him, Davey's arrival triggers a series of chilling events in the city. Is he responsible for the sudden surge in crime, violence and...

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  • Coq Au Vin

    Coq Au Vin

    Carter, Charlotte

    "In the second installment of the Nanette Hayes series, Nan is on her way to Paris in search of a missing relative. . . but will she lose more than just her heart in the city of love?Nanette's life is finally getting back to normal when her mother calls her with some upsetting news: Nan's beloved bohemian Aunt Vivian has gone missing. Normally this is par for the course with Viv, but this time the circumstances surrounding Vivian's disappearance are rather troubling. Would Nan be up to brushing up on her French language skills and flying to Paris to track...

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  • Dial "M" for Maine Coon

    Dial "M" for Maine Coon

    Erickson, Alex

    "When the would-be owner of her latest rescue, Sheamus, the Maine Coon cat, is murdered, Liz Denton finds the fur flying as she discovers the real identity of the victim, a stalker is fast on her heels and a rival takes a swat at her business"--

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  • Seven-year Witch

    Seven-year Witch

    Sanders, Angela M.

    "When FBI agent Sam Wilfred's soon-to-be ex-wife goes missing and a local architect working at a cursed location is murdered, Josie enlists her witchy insight to clear Sam's name and discover who is drawing up some killer plans"--

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  • The Jealousy Man and Other Stories

    The Jealousy Man and Other Stories

    Nesbø, Jo

    A collection of short stories by the master of mystery and suspense includes tales about a detective on the trail of a man suspected of murdering his twin; a bereaved father contemplating vengeance after a pandemic brings about the collapse of society; and a hired assassin who matches wits against his greatest adversary.

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