• They're Heroes Too

    They're Heroes Too

    Brisson, Pat

    We celebrate cops, firefighters, and soldiers, and rightly so. But let's also celebrate teachers, bus drivers, grocery clerks, mail carriers, and the other folks who keep the world spinning around every day. And let's give a nod to kids, too--kids who are kind and brave and help each other. They're heroes too.

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  • God's Holy Darkness

    God's Holy Darkness

    Green, Sharei

    "In God's Holy Darkness, Sharei Green and Beckah Selnick deconstruct anti-Blackness in Christian theology by celebrating instances in the story of God's people when darkness, blackness, and night are beautiful, good, and holy. Perfect for reading and anti-racist reflection in worship, as an affirmation and celebration with children, and at home with caregivers, God's Holy Darkness is a gift to cherish"--

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  • Rush Hour

    Rush Hour

    Silver, Erin

    "This nonfiction book for middle-grade readers looks at the evolution of traffic, how it's affecting the environment and practical things young people can do to help. Illustrated with photographs."--

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  • Wildlives


    Lerwill, Ben

    "We often read heroic stories of brave people who made their mark on history. But did you know there are some pretty courageous creatures in our world, too? This captivating collection gathers fifty heartwarming, surprising, and powerful true stories of animals around the world who displayed immense bravery, aided in groundbreaking discoveries, and showed true friendship. Featuring a range of animals-from heroes to helpers, adventurers to achievers, and many more-young readers will discover some of the most unforgettable animals of all time. Compelling and gorgeously illustrated, WildLives is the perfect introduction to some of the amazing animals whose wild lives...

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  • Queen Elizabeth

    Queen Elizabeth

    "In honour of Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee 2022, this once in a lifetime history book for kids tells the story of a young princess who grew up to become our longest reigning monarch, and celebrates the achievements, people and places that have become part of her remarkable legacy."--

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  • Like Ability

    Like Ability

    Getz, Lori

    "A workbook for teens about what popularity is, why some kinds are healthier than others, and how teens can grow their social intelligence"--

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  • How to Be An Artist

    How to Be An Artist

    Abadzis, S. Natalie

    "A fun-filled art activity book that will encourage kids to express themselves while teaching them about key artistic styles and a selection of pioneering artists from history"--

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  • What Is Math?

    What Is Math?

    Dotlich, Rebecca Kai

    "A rhyming picture-book introduction to math for the very young, with visual depictions of everyday STEM applications."--

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  • Super Simple Science Experiments for Curious Kids

    Super Simple Science Experiments for Curious Kids

    Yi, Andrea Scalzo

    "Turn your home into your laboratory as you explore and experiment through dozens of science projects with Andrea Scalzo Yi, bestselling author and the creative mastermind behind Raising Dragons. With just a few common household items you'll learn creative problem-solving skills, nurture your curiosity and experiment just like a real scientist. Jam-packed with 100 exciting experiments, you'll never run out of projects to amaze and astound. Create colorful reactions with a Lemon Volcano, investigate surface tension using Magic Milk and explore centripetal force with your own Tornado in a Bottle. You can even unlock your inner artist with beautiful Sun...

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  • Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space

    Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space

    Walliman, Dominic

    "What is it like to live in space? Is there life on other planets? What exactly is a black hole? Join Professor Astro Cat and the gang as they travel across space to find out everything there is to know about our galaxy, the solar system and the Universe. From asteroids to alien life and rockets to rovers, there's so much to discover in the Frontiers of Space."--

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