• The Moon, the Stars, and Madame Burova

    The Moon, the Stars, and Madame Burova

    Hogan, Ruth

    After a lifetime of keeping other people's secrets, fortune teller Madam Burova, before she can have a little piece of life for herself, must fulfill a promise made in the 1970s, when she and her girlfriends were carefree, with their whole lives still before them.

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  • The Duchess Hunt

    The Duchess Hunt

    Heath, Lorraine

    "Hugh Brinsley-Norton, the Duke of Kingsland, is in need of a duchess. However, restoring the dukedom--left in ruins by his father--to its former glory demands all his time, with little room for sentiment. He places an advert encouraging the single ladies of the ton to write why they should be the one chosen, and leaves it to his efficient secretary to select his future wife. If there exists a more unpleasant task in the world than deciding who is to marry the man you love, Penelope Pettypeace certainly can't imagine what it might be. Still, she is determined to find...

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  • Written in My Own Heart's Blood

    Written in My Own Heart's Blood

    Gabaldon, Diana

    "In her now classic novel Outlander, Diana Gabaldon told the story of Claire Randall, an English ex-combat nurse who walks through a stone circle in the Scottish Highlands in 1946, and disappears into 1743 ... Now the story continues in Written in My Own Heart's Blood. 1778: France declares war on Great Britain, the British army leaves Philadelphia, and George Washington's troops leave Valley Forge in pursuit. At this moment, Jamie Fraser returns from a presumed watery grave to discover that his best friend has married his wife, his illegitimate son has discovered (to his horror) who his father really...

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  • Sisters of the Great War

    Sisters of the Great War

    Feldman, Suzanne

    "Tells the story of two unconventional American sisters who volunteer at the front during World War I...Stationed at a makeshift hospital in Ypres, Belgium, Ruth soon confronts war's harshest lesson: not everyone can be saved...Elise, an accomplished mechanic, finds purpose and an unexpected kinship within the all-female Ambulance Corps. Through bombings, heartache, and loss, Ruth and Elise cherish an independence rarely granted to women"--

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  • The Mad Women's Ball

    The Mad Women's Ball

    Mas, Victoria

    "The Salpetriere Asylum: Paris, 1885. Dr. Charcot holds all of Paris in thrall with his displays of hypnotism on women who have been deemed mad and cast out from society. But the truth is much more complicated--these women are often simply inconvenient, unwanted wives, those who have lost something precious, wayward daughters, or girls born from adulterous relationships. For Parisian society, the highlight of the year is the Lenten ball--the Madwomen's Ball--when the great and good come to gawk at the patients of the Salpetriere dressed up in their finery for one night only. For the women themselves, it is...

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  • The Silence of Scheherazade

    The Silence of Scheherazade

    Suman, Defne

    At the heart of the Ottoman Empire, in the ancient city of Smyrna, a devastating moment determines the fates of four families. On an orange-tinted evening in September 1905, Scheherazade is born to an opium-dazed mother in the ancient city of Smyrna. At the very same moment, a dashing Indian spy arrives in the harbour with a secret mission from the British Empire. He sails in to golden-hued spires and minarets, scents of fig and sycamore, and the cries of street hawkers selling their wares. When he leaves, seventeen years later, it will be to the heavy smell of kerosene...

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  • The Devil's Own Duke

    The Devil's Own Duke

    Bell, Lenora

    Forced to marry gambler Ash Ellis to keep her beloved vineyards, Lady Henrietta Prince finds that all bets are off when his kisses are more intoxicating than the finest of wines even though he will never have her trust.

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  • A Reckless Match

    A Reckless Match

    Bateman, Kate

    "Madeline Montgomery grew up despising--and secretly loving--the roguish Gryffud "Gryff" Davies. Their families have been bitter rivals for hundreds of years, but even if her feelings once crossed the line between love and hate, she's certain Gryff never felt the same. Now, she's too busy saving her family from ruin to think about Gryff and the other "devilish" Davies siblings. Since he's off being scandalous in London, it's not like she'll ever see him again... As the new Earl of Powys, Gryff Davies planned on spending his post-war life enjoying the pleasures of London. But when an illegal duel forces...

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  • Infamous


    Spencer, Minerva

    "A mean girl reformed... Once the reigning beauty of her social set, Celia -- whom the newspapers dubbed Lady Infamous -- has fallen on hard times and is practically destitute, her reputation in shreds. When Celia is forced to attend a society wedding as a companion to an elderly guest, she must confront the clique she once commanded; the gentleman she'd once hoped to marry -- who is now wed to a girl Celia relentlessly taunted; and the powerful man who ruined her life a decade before -- and is threatening to do so again.... A hero transformed... Then there...

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  • The Duchess

    The Duchess

    Holden, Wendy

    "It was a love so strong a king renounced his kingdom-all for that woman. Or was she just an escape route for a king who never wanted to rule? Bestselling author Wendy Holden takes an intimate look at one of the most notorious scandals of the twentieth century. 1928. A middle-aged foreigner comes to London with average looks, no money, and no connections. Wallis's first months in the city are lonely, dull, and depressing. With no friends of her own, she follows the glamorous set on the pages of magazines and goes to watch society weddings. Her stuffy husband Ernest's...

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