• The Killing Look

    The Killing Look

    Rhoades, J. D.

    "Civil War veteran L.D. Cade arrives in 1870s San Francisco, seeking his fortune and a place to end his restless wandering. A job as bodyguard to a flashy real estate speculator seems like just the opportunity he's been looking for. But beneath the glitter and glamour of Gilded Age San Francisco lie festering greed, corruption, and intolerance. It's a dangerous place for an honest man, even one who's as good with a gun as Cade. As he makes his way between the decadent chaos of the notorious Barbary Coast, the luxurious mansions of Russian Hill, and the secretive societies of...

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  • Miss Kopp Investigates

    Miss Kopp Investigates

    Stewart, Amy

    "Life after the war takes an unexpected turn for the Kopp sisters, but soon enough, they are putting their unique detective skills to use in new and daring ways"--

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  • Hemlock


    Albert, Susan Wittig

    "From Susan Wittig Albert, the New York Times bestselling author of A Plain Vanilla Murder, comes a tightly crafted novel that juxtaposes the disappearance of a rare, remarkably illustrated 18th-century herbal with the true and all-too-human story of its gifted creator, Elizabeth Blackwell. Herbalist China Bayles' latest adventure takes her to the mountains of North Carolina, where her friend Dorothea Harper serves as the director and curator of the Hemlock House Library, a priceless collection of rare gardening books housed in a haunted mountainside mansion that once belonged to Sunny Carswell, a reclusive heiress. But the most valuable book--A Curious...

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  • A Prince and A Spy

    A Prince and A Spy

    Clements, Rory

    Professor Tom Wilde, a Cambridge spy, is sent by the Allies to investigate the death of Prince George, brother of the King of England, in 1942 Britain.

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  • The Collector's Daughter

    The Collector's Daughter

    Paul, Gill

    Lady Evelyn Herbert was the daughter of the Earl of Carnarvon, brought up in stunning Highclere Castle. Popular and pretty, she seemed destined for a prestigious marriage, but she had other ideas. Instead, she left behind the world of society balls and chaperones to travel to the Egyptian desert, where she hoped to become a lady archaeologist, working alongside her father and Howard Carter in the hunt for an undisturbed tomb. In November 1922, their dreams came true when they discovered the burial place of Tutankhamun, packed full of gold and unimaginable riches, and she was the first person to...

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  • Brass Lives

    Brass Lives

    Nickson, Chris

    "Leeds, June 1913. Deputy Chief Constable Tom Harper is a busy man. He's overseeing a national suffragist pilgrimage due in Leeds that his wife Annabelle intends to join, and his daughter Mary has exciting plans of her own. Then a letter arrives from police in New York: Davey Mullen, an American gangster born in Leeds, is on his way back to the city, fleeing a bloody gang war. Despite Tom's best efforts to keep an eye on him, Davey's arrival triggers a series of chilling events in the city. Is he responsible for the sudden surge in crime, violence and...

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  • The Second Mrs. Astor

    The Second Mrs. Astor

    Abé, Shana

    After losing her husband on the RMS Titanic, Madeleine Astor, who is constantly surrounded by scandal, finds her status elevated to that of a virtuous, tragic heroine and must decide whether to accept the role assigned to her or carve out her own extraordinary path.

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  • The Last Debutantes

    The Last Debutantes

    Blalock, Georgie

    With England on the threshold of war, Valerie de Vere Cole, the niece of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, must navigate a new lifestyle when she befriends other debutantes from England's aristocracy.

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  • A Net for Small Fishes

    A Net for Small Fishes

    Jago, Lucy

    ""A bravura historical debut . . . a gloriously immersive escape." -Guardian Wolf Hall meets The Favourite in Lucy Jago's A Net For Small Fishes, a gripping dark novel based on the true scandal of two women determined to create their own fates in the Jacobean court. With Frankie, I could have the life I had always wanted . . . and with me she could forge something more satisfying from her own . . . When Frances Howard, beautiful but unhappy wife of the Earl of Essex, meets the talented Anne Turner, the two strike up an unlikely, yet...

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  • Midnight Atlanta

    Midnight Atlanta

    Mullen, Thomas

    "Atlanta, 1956. When Arthur Bishop, editor of Atlanta's leading black newspaper, is killed in his office, cop-turned-journalist Tommy Smith finds himself in the crosshairs of the racist cops he's been trying to avoid. To clear his name, he needs to learn more about the dangerous story Bishop had been working on. Meanwhile, Smith's ex-partner Lucius Boggs and white sergeant Joe McInnis - the only white cop in the black precinct - find themselves caught between meddling federal agents, racist detectives, and Communist activists as they try to solve the murder. With a young Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. making headlines...

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