• The Duke in Question

    The Duke in Question

    Howard, Amalie

    Lady Bronwyn Chase is far from the paragon of society that her mother expects her to be. Which is why she's on her brother's passenger liner bound for America with a secret packet of letters that could get her into trouble. Serious trouble--the kind that a duke's sister shouldn't be in; the kind that puts spymaster Valentine Medford, the Duke of Thornbury, on her trail. But as the duke gets closer to Bronwyn and the secrets she's keeping, he'll have to decide between the mysterious woman who calls to him, or his allegiance to the Crown.

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  • The Girls in Navy Blue

    The Girls in Navy Blue

    Rickloff, Alix

    "1918: America is at war with Germany, and, for the first time in history, the US Navy has allowed women to join up alongside the men. Ten thousand of them rush to do their part. German-American Marjory Kunwald enlists in the Navy to prove her patriotism. Suffragette Blanche Lawrence to prove that women are the equal of men. And shy preacher's daughter Viv Weston in a desperate attempt to hide from the police. Even as the US military pours into France and the war heats up, the three yeomanettes find friendship and sisterhood within the Navy. But all their plans...

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  • The Ghosts of Paris

    The Ghosts of Paris

    Moss, Tara

    "A thrilling tale of courage and secrets set in postwar London and Paris, in which a search for a missing husband puts investigator and former war reporter Billie Walker on a collision course with an underground network of Nazi criminals"--

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  • A Deadly Web

    A Deadly Web

    Dams, Jeanne M.

    When an "unofficial" relative of Alan's arrives from the States, Dorothy and Alan are drawn into a tangled web of murder and lies. Dorothy Martin is more than capable of dozing during a raging storm in her snug house in Sherebury, but the loud ping of an unexpected text on her husband Alan's phone quickly wakes her up. Alan's unofficial great-niece, Lucy Bowman, is coming over from the States for a conference. When Lucy arrives, she gushes about her fiancé, Iain. But Alan makes a disturbing discovery about Lucy's engagement ring, and no sooner has Iain set foot on UK...

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  • The Inconvenient German

    The Inconvenient German

    Steiner, Peter

    "1944. Captain Charlie Herder's plane is shot down in woods near Munich. A week later, he has managed to evade capture by the SS, but for how much longer? As the American pilot desperately tries to make his way to the French border, a huge manhunt ensues. Former Munich police detective Willi Geismeier is still proving to be a thorn in the side of the Gestapo in his new incarnation as leader of the Flower Gang, a flourishing network of secret operatives helping Jews and others escape Germany. But a catastrophe occurs when the gang's plan to help Charlie is...

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  • Mrs. Jeffries Serves at Six

    Mrs. Jeffries Serves at Six

    Brightwell, Emily

    "If you like Downton Abbey, you'll love Mrs. Jeffries! NOW IN ONE VOLUME-THREE VICTORIAN MYSTERIES FEATURING MRS. JEFFRIES A DETECTIVE IN THE HOUSE Everyone's awed by Inspector Witherspoon's Scotland Yard successes, but they don't know about his secret weapon. Her name is Mrs. Jeffries, and she keeps house for the Inspector-and keeps him on his toes. No matter how messy the murder or how dirty the deed, her polished detection skills are up to the task. Because as she knows all too well, a crimesolver's work is never done ... Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post The dubious dealings of ruthless...

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  • Theft of An Idol

    Theft of An Idol

    Stabenow, Dana

    "When Cleopatra's most beloved actress disappears, her new Eye of Isis must solve a case that will lead to the darkest corners of Alexandria"--

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  • Light Perpetual

    Light Perpetual

    Sapkowski, Andrzej

    After his adventures in The Tower of Fools and Warriors of God, Reynevan is on the run again, harried by enemies--some human, and some mystical--at every turn. These are cruel and dangerous times for a man such as Reynevan, and to survive, he must set aside his history as a peaceful healer and idealist and play the brutal role of Hussite spy as crusades sweep through Silesia and the Czech Republic, and the world around him is forever changed.

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  • Death on Blackheath

    Death on Blackheath

    Perry, Anne

    As commander of the powerful Special Branch, Thomas Pitt has the job of keeping Britain safe from spies and traitors. So there's no obvious reason why he is suddenly ordered to investigate two minor incidents: the blood, hair, and shards of glass discovered outside the home of naval weapons expert Dudley Kynaston, and the simultaneous disappearance of Mrs. Kynaston's beautiful lady's maid. But weeks later, when the mutilated body of an unidentified young woman is found near Kynaston's home, Pitt realizes that this is no ordinary police investigation. Far from it. Is Kynaston-one of Britain's most valuable scientists-leading a double...

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  • The Poison Machine

    The Poison Machine

    Lloyd, Robert J.

    "London, 1679 -- A year has passed since the sensational attempt to murder King Charles II, but London is still a viper's nest of rumored Catholic conspiracies, and of plots against them in turn. When Harry Hunt -- estranged from his mentor Robert Hooke -- is summoned to the remote and windswept marshes of Norfolk, he is at first relieved to get away from the place. But in Norfolk, he finds that some Royal workers shoring up a riverbank have made a grim discovery -- the skeleton of a dwarf. Harry is able to confirm that the skeleton is that...

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