• Arrow's Rest

    Arrow's Rest

    Scott, Joel

    "Wooden sailboats shouldn't play with steel yachts. When his lover's sister is the latest victim in a series of sadistic assaults, Jared Kane sets out to find the guilty party. His search leads him into a tangled network of sex, power, and religion connecting high political office in the city to a secretive sect in the B.C. wilderness. The crimes seem connected to an exclusive yacht club in Vancouver's West End, where Jared is able to moor his old wooden sailboat, Arrow, so he can infiltrate the privileged classes. Jared's Haida friend Daniel MacLean has no qualms about using the...

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  • Lisey's Story

    Lisey's Story

    King, Stephen

    After losing her husband of twenty-five years, Lisey looks back at the sometimes frightening intimacy that marked their marriage, her husband's successes as a novelist, and his secretive nature that established her supernatural belief systems.

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  • This Shining Life

    This Shining Life

    Kline, Harriet

    "Meet Ollie. He's eleven years old. He loves rules, has memorized every world capital and every soccer player in the Premier League, and hasn't yet met a Killer Sodoku puzzle he can't solve. He hates being asked two questions at once, or when grown-ups use words with double meanings. He loves his family fiercely, but sometimes he cannot control his temper. And now, he must face a sudden tragedy for which there is no solution. When Ollie's happy-go-lucky, larger-than-life father, Rich, dies of brain cancer, Ollie's life is thrown into disarray. His mother, Ruth, won't get out of bed. His...

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  • Strange Flowers

    Strange Flowers

    Ryan, Donal

    "In 1973, twenty-year-old Moll Gladney takes a morning bus from her rural home in Ireland and disappears. Bewildered and distraught, Paddy and Kit must confront an unbearable prospect: that they will never see their daughter again. Five years later, Mollreturns from London. What - and who - she brings with her will change the course of her family's life forever. Beautiful and devastating, this exploration of loss, alienation and the redemptive power of love reaffirms Donal Ryan as one of the most talented and empathetic writers at work today"--

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  • What A Happy Family

    What A Happy Family

    Dave, Saumya

    "Nestled in the suburbs of Atlanta, one family learns the funniest punchlines can hide the hardest truths in this evocative women's fiction novel from the author of Well-Behaved Indian Women. From the outside, the Joshi family is the quintessential Indian-American family. Decades ago, Bina and Deepak immigrated to America, where she became a pillar of their local Indian community and he a successful psychiatrist. Their eldest daughter, Suhani, is following the footsteps of her father's career and happilymarried. Natasha, their middle daughter, is about to become engaged to the son of longtime family friends. And Anuj, their son-well, he's a...

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