• Avery R Young

    Avery R Young

    Enjoy an evening with Chicago's spoken word legend Avery R Young.

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  • Leslie Jamison

    Leslie Jamison and Claire Dederer Discuss 'The Recovering'

    Join us to hear New York Times best-selling author Leslie Jamison discuss the stories we tell about addiction and examines what we want these stories to do and what happens when they fail us.

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  • Anthony Ray Hinton

    Anthony Ray Hinton Discusses 'The Sun Does Shine'

    Join us to hear Anthony Ray Hinton discuss his new memoir, a powerful story of hope, love, justice, and the power of reading by a man who spent thirty years on death row for a crime he didn't commit.

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  • A Queer Anti-Militarism Town Hall

    A Queer Anti-Militarism Town Hall

    A dialog about US militarism and transgender communities after recent attempts to change the law.

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  • Luis Alberto Urrea

    Luis Alberto Urrea discusses 'The House of Broken Angels'

    Hailed by NPR as a “literary badass” and a “master storyteller with a rock and roll heart,” Mexican American author Luis Alberto Urrea will read from and discuss his latest novel, "The House of Broken Angels."

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  • Aminatta Forna

    Aminatta Forna discusses 'Happiness'

    Join us to hear Aminatta Forna discuss her latest novel, a delicate tale of love and loss that considers the interconnectedness of lives and the true nature of happiness.

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  • Resilience - The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope

    Resilience - The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope

    Join NW Children's Fund and the Seattle Public Library for a free screening and panel discussion of Resilience.

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  • Yascha Mounk

    Yascha Mounk discusses 'The People Vs. Democracy'

    Join us to hear Harvard lecturer Yascha Mounk discuss the rise of populist nationalism across the world, and how it may endanger the precepts of democracy itself.

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  • Sarah McBride

    Sarah McBride discusses 'Tomorrow Will Be Different'

    Sarah McBride, the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, will share her own story of coming out as transgender, finding love, and working for LGBTQ+ equal rights.

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  • Samuel Harrington

    Samuel Harrington discusses 'At Peace'

    After working with patients and as a hospice trustee, Dr. Harrington offers a unique perspective on end-of-life planning and care. Harrington will appear in conversation with Mary Ann Gwinn

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