• Linea and Cinda Johnson

    Linea and Cinda Johnson discuss 'Perfect Chaos'

    Mother-daughter team Linea and Cinda Johnson relate their journey with mental illness, and present their ideas for building hope and ending the stigma for those struggling with mental health conditions.

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  • Elissa Washuta and Christine Dupres

    An Evening with Cowlitz tribe members Elissa Washuta and Christine Dupres

    Elissa Washuta and Christine Dupres discuss their recent books about issues of identity and belonging: "My Body Is a Book of Rules" and "Being Cowlitz." Recorded on Feb. 23, 2015.

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    Transcription (pdf)

  • medical vials

    HIV Cure 101: Introduction to HIV Cure Research

    Join us for this overview of the current state of research to cure HIV.

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  • Stealing the Game

    Author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reads From 'Stealing the Game'

    NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar celebrates the release of the second installment of the "Streetball Crew" series of novels for young adults.

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  • Lynsey Addario

    Lynsey Addario discusses 'It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War'

    Lynsey Addario shows images and reads from her memoir about her experiences around the world, documenting and filing photographs in hostile areas with some of the best-known publications.

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  • film reel

    From Script to Screen: Transforming Fiction into Film

    Join us for a talk on the creative process of adaptation and film production in Seattle, using the example of Amazon Studios' locally filmed pilot of Philip K. Dick's novel "The Man in the High Castle."

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  • Daniel Handler

    Daniel Handler reads from 'We Are Pirates'

    Daniel Handler reads from his eagerly awaited new novel for adult readers.

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  • Alexandra Fuller

    Alexandra Fuller reads from 'Leaving Before the Rains Come'

    Alexandra Fuller takes on the rise and fall of her marriage and addresses how her father shaped her view of the world in a new memoir, 'Leaving Before the Rains Come.'

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  • Chris Farrell

    Author Chris Farrell Reads from 'Unretirement'

    In "Unretirement," Chris Farrell provides key insights about the growing unretirement movement and offers practical advice about how to navigate this exciting, but unsettled, frontier.

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  • Letters to the Editor: Celebrating 90 Years of Writing Our Community's Story

    'Letters to the Editor: Celebrating 90 Years of Writing Our Community’s Story'

    "Letters to the Editor: Celebrating 90 Years of Writing Our Community's Story," a theatrical production of news, opinion and advertisements culled from pages of The Jewish Transcript.

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