• Christopher Barzak

    Christopher Barzak reads from 'Before and Afterlives'

    Christopher Barzak reads from his latest collection of stories of the supernatural, "Before and Afterlives."

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  • Wild Geese Players

    Wild Geese Players present: Bloomsday Readings from 'Ulysses'

    Each year, the Wild Geese Players stage a public reading of James Joyce's "Ulysses" to commemorate this classic novel, which takes place entirely on June 16, also known as Bloomsday.

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  • Geoff Dyer

    Geoff Dyer reads 'Another Great Day at Sea'

    British writer Geoff Dyer chronicles two weeks as writer-in-residence on an enormous American aircraft carrier in "Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H.W. Bush."

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  • Central Library

    Panel discussion: 'Building the Central Library'

    The people behind the design of the Central Library will talk about their vision, their challenges, and their dawning realization the new building would make history, as well as about the future of libraries.

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  • Sam Chaltain

    Sam Chaltain discusses 'Our School: Searching for Community in the Era of Choice'

    Chaltain documents a year in the life of two schools in the nation's capital -- one a new charter school just opening its doors, the other a neighborhood school that first opened in 1924.

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  • Joshua Prince-Ramus

    Joshua Prince-Ramus lectures on 'Agency'

    Joshua Prince-Ramus, co-architect of the Central Library, discusses the impact that the Library has had on other important buildings and public spaces.

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  • Edible Garden Series

    Edible Society: Growing Good Food & Sustainable Communities

    Local chefs, growers, farmers and good food advocates will tell stories about growing, cooking and sharing food in the Puget Sound Region.

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  • Sebastian Barry

    Irish Author Sebastian Barry reads from 'The Temporary Gentleman'

    Barry's novel is a heart-breaking portrait of one man's life -- of his demons and his lost love -- about Jack McNulty's last bid for freedom, from the savage realities of the past and from himself.

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  • Samuel Green and Sally Green

    An evening of poetry with Samuel Green and Sally Green

    Samuel Green reads from his new collection, "All That Might Be Done." Sally Green reads from "Full Immersion," a limited-edition hand-bound chapbook with a letterpress cover.

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  • Ken Jennings

    Author Ken Jennings reads from his latest Junior Genius Guide: 'U.S. Presidents'

    Ken Jennings, a nationally best-selling author who holds the record for the longest winning streak on the game show Jeopardy!, reads from the upcoming "Ken Jennings' Junior Genius Guide: U.S. Presidents."

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