• Jodi Picoult

    Jodi Picoult reads from 'Leaving Time'

    Best-selling author Jodi Picoult will read from her latest novel, "Leaving Time," and talk about the research that went into her work.

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  • Eric Liu

    Eric Liu discusses his latest book 'A Chinaman’s Chance'

    'A Chinaman's Chance: One Family's Journey and the Chinese American Dream' combines personal essay, searching history, and provocative commentary on contemporary, politics, and culture, asking "What does it mean to be Chinese American in this moment of China and America?"

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  • Joshua Howe

    Joshua Howe reads from 'Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming'

    Joshua Howe talks about his book "Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming," exploring the history of global warming from its roots as a scientific curiosity to its place at the center of international environmental politics.

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  • Little Ethiopia of the Pacific Northwest

    Joseph W. Scott Reads from ‘Little Ethiopia of the Pacific Northwest’

    Dr. Joseph W. Scott reads from and discusses "Little Ethiopia of the Pacific Northwest," a fascinating modern day ethnographic analysis which tells the untold story of the Ethiopian community here in Seattle.

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  • Pepper Trail

    Join us for Voyage to 'The Origin of Species'

    In this entertaining talk, Darwin himself (with some assistance from evolutionary biologist and lecturer Pepper Trail) will recount how his country childhood, his voyage on The Beagle, and his vibrant circle of friends and colleagues led him, sometimes reluctantly, to the insights that revolutionized our understanding of the world.

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  • Washington State Book Awards logo

    Washington State Book Awards: Come Find Out the Winners!

    Join writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, and friends to learn who wins the 2014 Washington State Book Awards. For the first time, winners are announced the night of the event.

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  • Paul Steinle and Sara Brown

    Join us for “Practicing Journalism: The Power and Purpose of the Fourth Estate”

    Join The Seattle Public Library and Seattle Times for an illustrated talk by Paul Steinle and Sara Brown about their recent book "Practicing Journalism."

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  • Seattle Writes

    Seattle Writes: Writing Teen Fiction

    Are you working on a young adult (YA) novel? Don't miss this panel discussion for insight from three published YA authors on the writing and publishing process. Recorded on Oct. 4, 2014.

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    Transcription (pdf)

  • Joseph O’Neill

    Irish-American novelist Joseph O’Neill reads from his new book 'The Dog'

    Following a bad break-up with his longtime girlfriend, an unnamed American lawyer leaves New York for Dubai to manage the wealth of a rich Lebanese family.

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  • Robert Pinsky

    Celebrate Seattle’s Favorite Poems with former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky

    Celebrate beloved poems with other local poetry lovers. Seattle's Favorite Poems will bring together local luminaries, poets, and community members for an evening of everyone's favorite poems.

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