• Africa

    Africa 101 Panel Discussion: A Seattle Reads Program

    Olúfémi Táíwò, director, and Saheed Adejumobi, assistant professor of history, Global African Studies Program, Seattle University, gave an overview of African history and culture, colonialism and its impacts on Thursday, March 6 at the Central Library. This program is part of Seattle Reads "The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears."

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  • David Smith-Ferri

    David Smith-Ferri reads from 'Battlefield Without Borders: Iraq Poems'

    David Smith-Ferri showed slides, told stories and read from "Battlefield Without Borders: Iraq Poems" on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at the Central Library. Two thirds of the poems in "Battlefield Without Borders" were written while in Iraq, after his encounters with Iraqi people, in a wide-range of settings - from hospitals to homes to bomb sites. The remaining poems have been written since.

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  • Daniel Schorr

    Daniel Schorr presents The Seattle Public Library's 2008 A. Scott Bullitt Lecture in American History

    Award-winning journalist and author Daniel Schorr presents the 2008 A. Scott Bullitt Lecture in American History with local author and news commentator Eric Liu. Schorr discusses topics from his new book, "Come to Think of It: Notes on the Turn of the Millennium" with Liu. The book is a compilation of Schorr's National Public Radio (NPR) commentaries.

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  • Richard Kenney

    Award-winning poet Richard Kenney reads from his first new collection in 14 years, 'The One-Strand River: Poems, 1994-2007.'

    Kenney is the author of three previous books of poetry: "The Evolution of the Flightless Bird," "Orrery," and "The Invention of the Zero." In 1987 he received a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship. He is currently professor of English at the University of Washington.

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  • Elias Khoury

    Elias Khoury: 'Yalo'

    Elias Khoury, Lebanon-born novelist, playwright, and critic, reads from his latest novel, "Yalo." Khoury is the author of 12 novels, including the award-winning "Gate of the Sun," four volumes of literary criticism, and three plays. He is the editor of the literary supplement of An-Nahar newspaper in Beirut. Khoury has taught at the American University of Beirut, Columbia University, and is a global distinguished professor at New York University.

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  • Natalie Goldberg

    Natalie Goldberg: 'Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir'

    Natalie Goldberg discussed her latest book, "Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir," Friday, Feb. 22 at the Central Library. Goldberg offers compassionate, practical, and often humorous advice about how to find time to write, how to discover one's personal style, how to make sentences come alive, and how to overcome procrastination and writer's block.

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  • Anne Enright

    Anne Enright: 'The Gathering'

    Irish novelist Anne Enright read from her 2007 Man Booker Prize-winning novel, "The Gathering" on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at the Central Library. Enright has received the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and has been a writer fellow at Trinity College. Her work has appeared in The Paris Review, Harper's, The New Yorker, and The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction.

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  • Downtown Seattle

    The Changing Face of Downtown Seattle

    The Seattle Public Library presented a panel discussion about the evolution and future of downtown Seattle on Monday, Feb. 11 at the Central Library. Featured panelists included Seattle City Librarian Deborah L. Jacobs, Seattle Art Museum Director Mimi Gates, John Nesholm of LMN Architects and Greg Smith of Urban Visions. Moderated by The Seattle Channel's C.R. Douglas.

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  • Geraldine Brooks

    Geraldine Brooks: 'People of the Book'

    Pulitzer prize winning author and journalist Geraldine Brooks read from her new novel, "People of the Book," Monday, Feb. 4 at the Central Library.

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  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

    Jeffrey Karl Ochsner lectures on architect Lionel Pries

    Professor Ochsner presented a lecture about architect and artist Lionel Pries Sunday, Jan. 27 at the Central Library. Pries' career spanned the 20th Century from arts and crafts to modern styles.

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