• Deborah Rodriguez

    Deborah Rodriguez: 'Kabul Beauty School'

    Author Deborah Rodriguez discussed her new book, "Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil," Tuesday, April 17 at the Central Library. The book looks at the lives of women in Afghanistan through the lens of the Kabul Beauty School. Rodriguez is director of the Kabul salon.

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  • Jourdan Imani Keith

    Seattle Poet Populist Jourdan Imani Keith & Friends

    In celebration of Jourdan Keith's term as 2006-07 Seattle Poet Populist, Keith read and performed from 'Umbilical Topography' a collection of poems, flash fiction, and essays on Sunday, April 15. Keith was joined friends by Felicia Gonzalez and Brian McGuigan, who both read from their latest works. Gonzalez read from her forthcoming chapbook, "Recollection Graffiti." McGuigan read from new works and selections from his chapbook, "More Than I Left Behind."

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  • Luis J. Rodriguez

    Poet and activist Luis J. Rodriguez

    Award winning poet and activist Luis J. Rodriguez gave a talk entitled "Imagining Peace and Community in a Time of Violence and Chaos" recorded at Town Hall.

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  • David Wright

    Thrilling Tales: April 2, 2007

    Listen to a "Thrilling Tales" adult story time recorded at the Central Library. One morning a supercilious bureaucrat wakes up to find his nose has vanished, but that's almost normal compared to what happens next! Step into this great 19th century Russian author's version of The Twilight Zone. Gogol's strange tale was recorded in honor of the 2007 Seattle Reads selection, "The Namesake." Recorded on April 2, 2007.

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  • Jonathan Raban

    An Afternoon with Jonathan Raban

    Author Jonathan Raban read from his new novel, "Surveillance," Saturday, March 31 at the Central Library. In his latest work, a post-Sept. 11, 2001, novel set in Seattle a few years in the future, Raban explores the current political climate: national identity cards are mandatory and America has become obsessed with intelligence-gathering.

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  • William Dietrich

    William Dietrich: 'Napoleon's Pyramids'

    Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist William Dietrich discussed his new novel, "Napoleon's Pyramids," Wednesday, March 28 at the Central Library. "Napoleon's Pyramids" is a historical thriller set in post-revolutionary France and Egypt.

    Library Journal called Dietrich's new novel "rousing, swashbuckling fun and proof that a good writer can make history not only interesting but an exhilarating romp."

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  • Tracy Chevalier

    Tracy Chevalier: 'Burning Bright'

    Author Tracy Chevalier read from her new novel, "Burning Bright," on Friday, March 23 at the Central Library. "Burning Bright" follows the Kellaway family as they move in next door to poet and painter William Blake in late 18th-century London.

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  • Octavia Butler

    A Tribute to Octavia Butler

    Listen to "A Tribute to Octavia Butler with Nalo Hopkinson and Friends" that took place on Thursday, March 1 at the Central Library. This event featured readings from Butler's works by her admirers and friends: author Nalo Hopkinson, actor and director Timeca Briggs, columnist Jerry Large, author Vonda McIntyre, and author Nisi Shawl.

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  • Sarah Dunant

    Sarah Dunant: 'In the Company of the Courtesan'

    Bestselling author Sarah Dunant read from "In the Company of the Courtesan" on Friday, Feb. 23, at the Central Library. Dunant's historical novel, set in Renaissance Italy, recounts the escapades of the wily dwarf Bucino Teodoldo and his mistress, celebrated courtesan Fiammetta Bianchini.

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  • Taylor Branch

    Taylor Branch: "Myth and Miracles from the King Years"

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Taylor Branch presented the Library's 2007 A. Scott Bullitt Lecture in American History, a talk titled "Myth and Miracles from the King Years," Tuesday, Jan. 23 at the Central Library.

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