• Slam

    Nick Hornby: 'Slam'

    Nick Hornby read from his first novel for teens, "Slam," Wednesday, Oct. 24 at the Central Library. The New Yorker called Hornby "the maestro of the male confessional." His bestselling adult novels include "High Fidelity" and "About a Boy," both of which were made into movies.

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  • Dorothy Parker

    Living Literature Series featuring Dorothy Parker

    Humanities scholar Suzan King presented her portrayal of Dorothy Parker, American journalist, critic, writer and poet known for her biting wit, in a program on Monday, Oct. 22 at the Central Library.

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  • Oliver Sacks

    Oliver Sacks: 'Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain'

    Physician and bestselling author Oliver Sacks will read from his latest work, "Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain," Friday, Oct. 19 at the Central Library. In his latest work, Sacks explores the power music wields over people.

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  • 2007 Washington State Book Awards

    2007 Washington State Book Awards

    Six books written by local authors Charles D'Ambrosio, Madeline DeFrees, Julie Phillips, William D. Layman, Jack Prelutsky, and Brent Hartinger were winners of the 2007 Washington State Book Awards. These authors were honored at a public ceremony at the Central Library on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

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  • Ann Patchett

    Ann Patchett: 'Run'

    Award-winning author Ann Patchett read from her latest novel, "Run," Friday, Oct. 12 at the Central Library. "Run" is the story of the deep-running secrets and bonds of a politically-connected Boston family.

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  • Walter Mosley

    Walter Mosley: 'Blonde Faith'

    Walter Mosley reads from his latest novel, "Blonde Faith." Easy Rawlins, L.A.'s most reluctant detective, comes home one day to find Easter, the daughter of his friend Christmas Black, left on his doorstep.

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  • Jonathan Kozol

    Jonathan Kozol: 'Letters to a Young Teacher'

    Award-winning author and educator Jonathan Kozol will discuss his latest book, "Letters to a Young Teacher," Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Central Library. In "Letters to a Young Teacher," Kozol reveals his personal stories of years spent in public schools.

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  • Jeffrey Toobin

    Jeffrey Toobin: 'The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court'

    Author Jeffrey Toobin discussed his newest book, "The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court," Friday, Oct. 5 at the Central Library. Toobin is a CNN legal analyst and New Yorker staff writer.

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  • Ursula Hegi

    Ursula Hegi: 'The Worst Thing I've Done'

    Award-winning author Ursula Hegi discussed her latest novel, "The Worst Thing I've Done," Tuesday, Oct. 2 at the Central Library. Hegi is the winner of numerous honors and awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and five PEN syndicated fiction awards.

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  • Zakes Mda

    Zakes Mda: 'Cion'

    South African novelist, Zakes Mda read from "Cion," his sixth novel and the first to be set in the United States, Monday, Oct. 1 at the Central Library. Mda is an award-winning writer of plays, novels, poems, and articles for academic journals and newspapers. Toloki, the professional mourner and hero of Mda's "Ways of Dying," settles down with a family in Middle America and uncovers the story of the runaway slaves who were their ancestors.

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