• John Freeman and Natalie Diaz

    John Freeman and Natalie Diaz

    Join us to hear literary editor and poet John Freeman (Maps) and Mojave poet and former professional athlete Natalie Diaz (When My Brother Was an Aztec) read poetry and discuss inequality and invisibility.

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  • Artist Talk with Juan Alonso-Rodriguez

    Join a special artist talk with Seattle-based Cuban artist Juan Alonso-Rodríguez.

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  • Jack Straw Writers Program logo

    2017 Jack Straw Writers Program

    Enjoy an afternoon of readings from the writers who were selected for this year's prestigious Jack Straw Writers Program, hosted by curator Jourdan Imani Keith.

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  • Richard Rothstein

    Richard Rothstein discusses "The Color of the Law"

    Join us to hear National Book Award finalist Rothstein discuss the laws and policies that promoted racial segregation in the past, and the discriminatory patterns that continue even today.

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  • Claire Messud

    Claire Messud discusses "The Burning Girl"

    New York Times best-selling author Claire Messud will discuss her new novel, a coming-of-age story about best friends Julia and Cassie.

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  • Chief Seattle and the Town That Took His Name

    A Panel on "Chief Seattle and the Town That Took His Name"

    Join us for a discussion of Chief Seattle and his times. Panelists include Duwamish Tribal Chairperson Cecile Hansen, historian David Buerge, linguist Nile Thompson, and moderator David Brewster. Recorded on Nov. 8, 2017.

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  • Artist Talk: Ira Block & Cuban Baseball

    Artist Talk: Ira Block & Cuban Baseball

    A special artist talk with renowned photojournalist Ira Block.

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  • voters

    Mayoral Forum

    The Mayoral Candidates answer questions about current issues and challenges facing our city, including those related to The Seattle Public Library.

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  • Go Back to Where You Came From

    Sasha Polakow-Suransky with Cyrus Habib

    Join us to hear Sasha Polakow-Suransky and Lt. Governor Habib discuss how once marginal views on immigration have flourished to reshape the political landscape.

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  • Trans Writers

    Calvin Gimpelevich and Friends: 'Trans Writers'

    Join us for a reading of original work by Genesis Ellis, Susan Brittain, and Calvin Gimpelevich; three trans/genderqueer authors who are immigrants or first-generation Americans.

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