• The Bright Ages

    The Bright Ages

    Gabriele, Matthew

    “This accessible trip through the medieval world is well worth taking for anyone wishing to better understand its complexity.” [Library Journal]

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  • Ten Steps to Nanette

    Ten Steps to Nanette

    Gadsby, Hannah

    "Read by the author/comedian. Chronicles growing up queer and repressed in Tasmania, and her remarkable path from fringe comedy to international stardom." -- Dawn

    Format: Downloadable Audiobook

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  • Inciting Joy

    Inciting Joy

    Gay, Ross

    “Poet Gay examines in this stunning collection how joy deepens when accompanied by grief, fear, and loss. This resonant, vivid meditation shouldn’t be missed.” [Publishers Weekly]

    Format: Book

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  • George Michael

    George Michael

    Gavin, James

    "A fascinating and probing look at a complicated queer icon." -- Eric

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  • The Third Person

    The Third Person

    Grove, Emma (Animator)

    "In this graphic memoir, a shy transwoman named Emma works with Toby, her therapist, to obtain approval for hormone replacement therapy. However, Toby knows something that Emma doesn’t: she has also shown up to therapy as aggressive party girl named Katina, and an exhausted workaholic, Ed. Readers follow the young woman’s journey as she and her therapist engage in dialogues to uncover her troubled past and forge a way forward." -- Sarah

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • Before We Were Trans

    Before We Were Trans

    Heyam, Kit

    “An eye-opening study of the history of gender nonconformity. A capable, worthy demonstration of how the history of disrupting the gender binary is as long as human history itself.” [Kirkus Reviews]

    Format: Book

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  • Fight Like Hell

    Fight Like Hell

    Kelly, Kim (Journalist)

    "Written by the Teen Vogue labor columnist, this excellent introduction to the American Labor movement is told with a focus on historically excluded voices. Inspiring, intersectional, exciting and timely!" -- Jennie

    Format: Book

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  • I'll Show Myself Out

    I'll Show Myself Out

    Klein, Jessi

    "The thing about 'mom' books is it’s hard to find ones that aren’t trying to make you a super parent…this is definitely not a super parent book. This book makes you laugh and cry at the craziness of motherhood, the loneliness of motherhood, and everything in between. All those things we were never told because for some reason it’s all still a big secret. This book shouts those secrets from the rooftop! I wish I read this sooner, but reading it now I still get a rush of gratitude for its existence." -- Kara

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  • Red Paint

    Red Paint

    LaPointe, Sasha taqwšeblu

    CW: generational, colonial, and personal trauma "The audiobook is narrated by the author! A coming of age story about processing and working through trauma that's also so much more than that. Sasha taqwéseblu LaPointe, a Coast Salish musician and writer takes you on a journey both geographically (throughout the PNW) and introspectively through her search for healing and home.'" -- Kristy

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  • Open Deeply

    Open Deeply

    Loree, Kate (Therapist)

    "Geared towards readers interested in ethical non-monogamy, this NF title is an absorbing and fascinating read for anyone interested in improving their relationship and communication skills. Perfect for fans of Esther Perel's work or Showtime's Couples Therapy." -- Jennie 

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