• Bebe's Kids

    Bebe's Kids

    Based on the stand-up routine of late comic Robin Harris, this 1992 animated feature, directed by Black animator Bruce W. Smith remains one of the few animated films to feature a primarily black cast and has become a cult hit.

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  • Black Film Archive

    Black Film Archive

    Organized by decade, Black Film Archive showcases currently streaming Black films from 1915 to 1979. As creator Maya S. Cade writes on the site, "Black Film Archive celebrates the rich, abundant history of Black cinema. We are an evolving archive dedicated to making historically and culturally significant films made from 1915 to 1979 about Black people accessible through a streaming guide with cultural context."

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  • Boyz N the Hood

    Boyz N the Hood

    John Singleton's feature film debut about the lives of three young Black men growing up in South Central L.A. in the early 1990s remains a classic of modern Black cinema and features breakout performances from Ice Cube & Cuba Gooding Jr.

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  • Colorization


    Haygood, Wil

    Journalist Haygood's sweeping history of Black cinema begins with D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, and explores everything following, from "race films" of the early 20th century to blaxploitation to Black Panther and beyond.

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  • Cooley High

    Cooley High

    This 1975 coming-of-age comedy-drama from director Michael Schultz has been viewed by some critics as an important precursor to the films of John Singleton and Spike Lee, and was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2021.

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  • Daughters of the Dust

    Daughters of the Dust

    Daughters of the Dust, the story of three generations of Gullah/Geechee women, was the first film by a Black woman director to gain widespread release in the US. Dash's lush, vivid imagery was a key visual inspiration for Beyoncé's Lemonade.

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  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing

    A critical and commercial success, Spike Lee's 1989 film about simmering tensions between Black and Italian Americans in a Brooklyn neighborhood remains one of the director's most enduring works.

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  • Eve's Bayou

    Eve's Bayou

    Director Kasi Lemmons' 1997 directorial debut was widely acclaimed for its strong performances from lead actors Samuel Jackson (Louis Batiste), Debbi Morgan (Mozelle Batiste Delacroix), and Jurnee Smollett (Young Eve Batiste).

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  • Hollywood Black

    Hollywood Black

    Bogle, Donald

    Film historian Bogle presents a decade by decade history of Black actors, films, and directors starting with the silent film era and leading up to the present day.

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  • Hollywood Shuffle

    Hollywood Shuffle

    This biting 1987 satire produced, co-written, directed by and starring Robert Townsend, skewers racial stereotypes that Black actors continue to confront in Hollywood and beyond.

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