• Sextant


    Barrie, David

    The invention of the sextant in 1759 revolutionized navigation. Barrie intersperses this intriguing history with the story of his own daring transatlantic voyage in 1973, long before GPS was a thing.

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  • The Rathbones

    The Rathbones

    Clark, Janice

    Young Mercy Rathbone and her cousin Mordecai set off across the briny deep in search of her whaler father in this offbeat gothic adventure inspired by Homer’s Odyssey and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

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  • The Pirates! in An Adventure With Ahab

    The Pirates! in An Adventure With Ahab

    Defoe, Gideon

    In this entry to Defoe’s series of zany, Monty Pythonesque piratical adventures, having gone bust in Vegas, our motley crew sets out to capture the white whale and claim Captain Ahab’s reward.

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  • The Sea Runners

    The Sea Runners

    Doig, Ivan

    Escaping their indentured servitude in Russian Alaska circa 1853, four men undertake a perilous journey down the coast to the Columbia River, and the promise freedom.

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  • Island of the Lost

    Island of the Lost

    Druett, Joan

    Two crews shipwrecked on a remote desert island within months of each other. Two remarkably different stories, one inspiring and one horrific, vividly related by nautical historian and mystery writer Druett.

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  • Frenchman's Creek

    Frenchman's Creek

    Du Maurier, Daphne

    Fed up with her high society life in the court of Charles II, Lady Dona takes to the adventuring on the high seas in the arms of her pirate lover Jean-Benoit Aubery.

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  • The Sea Inside

    The Sea Inside

    Hoare, Philip

    All live emerged from the sea, and in this wide-ranging, thought-provoking look at all Oceanic source, we dive again into every aspect of the watery element. A perfect sequel and complement to Rachel Carson’s 1951 classic The Sea Around Us.

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  • Middle Passage

    Middle Passage

    Johnson, Charles

    In 1830, newly freed slave Rutherford Calhoun accidentally stows away on a slave ship bound for Africa. Johnson’s National-Book-Award-winning saga plumbs the hellish depths of the Atlantic slave trade with disconcerting wit and devastating compassion.

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  • Pym


    Johnson, Mat

    In this biting satire, an African American studies professor sets out to find a mythic black-occupied Antarctic island alluded to in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, and finds much more than he expected.

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  • The Cat's Table

    The Cat's Table

    Ondaatje, Michael

    In three life-changing weeks at sea, travelling unsupervised from his native Ceylon to his mother in London, 11-year-old Michael experiences the world in startling new ways, sewing seeds that will be harvested years later by the novelist he will become.

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