• An American Story

    An American Story

    Alexander, Kwame

    NONFICTION / "Alexander uses multiple voices to weave this poem about a teacher who takes on the difficult but necessary task of starting a classroom conversation about slavery. With powerful art from a bold new talent, this is a probing and sensitive take on a devastating chapter of U.S. history." [Kirkus Reviews]

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  • Duel


    Bagley, Jessixa

    LOCAL AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR / GRAPHIC NOVEL / Sixth grader Lucy is brand-new to middle school, and when her older sister GiGi--the undisputed queen bee of eighth grade--humiliates her in the cafeteria, Lucy snaps and challenges her to a fencing duel.

    Format: Book

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  • Henry, Like Always

    Henry, Like Always

    Bailey, Jenn

    EARLY READER / "Classroom Ten has a Big Calendar, and Henry likes how it never changes. But this week, the teacher announces that their diverse class will have a parade on Friday. Deeply relatable reassurance for readers unnerved by change." [Kirkus Reviews]

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  • Eb & Flow

    Eb & Flow

    Baptist, Kelly J.

    CHAPTER BOOK / "Suspended from school, seventh graders Eb and Flow find peace even as life doesn’t make it easy for them. A moving and layered story of reflection and connection." [Kirkus Reviews]

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  • A Season Most Unfair

    A Season Most Unfair

    Coats, J. Anderson

    LOCAL AUTHOR / CHAPTER BOOK / "Set in medieval times, enjoy the journey of Tick who wants to apprentice with her candle maker father." -- Marion

    Format: Book

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  • School Trip

    School Trip

    Craft, Jerry

    GRAPHIC NOVEL / "Jordan Banks, the lovable character from New Kid (2019) and Class Act (2020), is back for an end-of-school-year adventure as he and his friends embark on a trip to Paris." [Booklist]

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • Dogs


    Judge, Lita

    NONFICTION / "A tail-wagging tribute to all the Spikes, Lassies, and other working and companion pooches in our lives." [Kirkus Reviews]

    Format: Book

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  • The Skull

    The Skull

    Klassen, Jon

    SHORT CHAPTER BOOK / "Caldecott medalist Klassen’s signature style is brought to bear on a Tyrolean tale imbued with equal parts comfort and creepiness." [Kirkus Reviews]

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  • Make Way

    Make Way

    Kunkel, Angela Burke

    BIOGRAPHY / "They will grow up to become Robert McCloskey, two-time Caldecott winner, including one for Make Way for Ducklings (1941), and Nancy Schön, sculptor of the famous ducklings, inspired by the picture book, in the Boston Public Garden, installed in 1987." [Kirkus Reviews]

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  • Jumper


    Lanan, Jessica

    NONFICTION / "Readers will leap for this magnificent glimpse at a most marvelous arachnid." [Kirkus Reviews]

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