• Saving Face

    Saving Face

    Alice Wu's full-length feature debut stars Michelle Krusiec as Wil, a lesbian Chinese American surgeon who is not out to her mother Gao, played by Joan Chen, and Lynn Chen as Wil's girlfriend Vivian.

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  • Tongues Untied

    Tongues Untied

    This innovative experimental documentary from black gay filmmaker Marlon Riggs was one of the first films to present the experiences and lived realities of black gay men in a homophobic and racist society in their own voices.

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  • Totally F***ed Up

    Totally F***ed Up

    Another key example of New Queer Cinema, this provocative 1993 drama about a ragtag group of queer teenagers who form a makeshift family is the first installment of director Gregg Araki's Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy.

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  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman

    Another New Queer Cinema classic, The Watermelon Woman was the first feature film directed by a black lesbian. Director Cheryl Dunye also stars in this witty, thought-provoking film about representation and erasure of black queer history in cinema.

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  • Word Is Out

    Word Is Out

    Collectively directed by the Mariposa Film Group (which included director Peter Adair), Word is Out is a trail-blazing 1977 documentary featuring voices of 26 gays and lesbians from a wide variety of backgrounds across the United States,

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