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Mozak: Brainbuilder

Mozak is a scientific discovery game about neuroscience. Help build models of brain cells, and help scientists learn more about the brain through your efforts!

Our brain contains 80-90 billion neurons (and many other cells), and - despite over 100 years of brain research - we still don't know how many different kinds of neurons exist in a single brain. Not unlike humans, distinct subtypes of neurons are born looking different from each other, and grow and change over the lifespan - changing their physical form with their level of activity. Technology has now enabled us to image individual 3-dimensional neurons inside living brain tissue. But to trace them and classify them quantifiably requires the assistance of the best 3-D digital analysis tool in the world - the human visual system. This is where you come in. Mozak brings together groups of uniquely-talented people to solve this enormous problem together.



Why is this game important?

The key to Mozak is to allow humans to do what they are good at, and computers to do what they are good at. In this case, humans exceedingly outperform computers with their ability to resolve and trace objects in 3 dimensions. Although computers can complete the reconstruction of robustly traced neurons, many neurons have delicate and highly branched structures that your eyes will distinguish far better.

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Center for Game Sciencce

The Center for Game Science at the University of Washington focuses on solving hard problems facing humanity today in a game based environment. Our focus is on scientific discovery games, games that discover optimal learning pathways for STEM education, cognitive skill training games, games that promote human creativity, games that explore collective over individual intelligence, and many more.

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