From Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner

Executive Director and Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner
Executive Director and Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner

In times of change, it is helpful for public institutions to reaffirm who they are and what they believe in. It's important you know that The Seattle Public Library continues to be a welcoming space for you.

Libraries have always been a welcoming institution for all. Our very existence is the basis for this. At The Seattle Public Library, there is one guiding principle that speaks to this value:

Respect and embrace the entire community.

We celebrate Seattle's diversity and strive to ensure that all people feel welcome in the Library. We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of every Library patron regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, beliefs, income or disability. The Seattle Public Library actively supports efforts that combat prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination.

When our doors open each day, our sole interest is in welcoming you into our libraries and to the many resources we have available to help you in life.

We take pride in having our 27 libraries located in diverse neighborhoods across the city to ensure you and everyone in our community - whether you are a regular user, student, visitor, senior, job seeker, immigrant or refugee or insecurely housed - have easy access to our resources and expert assistance.

While the world around us changes every day, there is one constant that is here for you - The Seattle Public Library. Our doors are always open - no visa, membership or identification is required.

Never question, never doubt. Our libraries are open to everyone.

Nothing required. Nothing to prove. You are welcome.

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Marcellus Turner, Executive Director and Chief Librarian