Thursday, April 23 is a great day to support The Seattle Public Library by making a donation during the second annual Library Giving Day campaign. The Library is here for you today, and tomorrow. We're supplying Seattle with e-books and audiobooks, demystifying the COVID-19 financial relief programs, curating individual lists for reading and learning a new skill, connecting people with job resources, and so much more. Help us keep the Library strong.

Last year, The Seattle Public Library Foundation founded a coalition of over 150 libraries across the country that joined forces to raise philanthropic funds on the inaugural Library Giving Day. This year, we have a nationwide effort with more than 265 libraries coming together to support library services.

This campaign reminds us that libraries, small and large, serve as a cornerstone for our communities. Beyond well-loved books, many libraries offer innovative programs that promote lifelong learning, connect patrons to technology, and advance knowledge. Library staff are available online and on the phone to help you navigate this changing world, especially as electronic material usage sees steep rises.

"The Library is rapidly shifting gears to change how it provides services to our public without the use of buildings or in-person visits," said Jonna Ward, CEO of The Seattle Public Library Foundation. "And the Library Foundation is doing the same to ensure the Library has funding to deliver services that our community needs right now."

About Library Giving Day

In 2018, The Seattle Public Library Foundation decided to take their knowledge and experience with running digital campaigns for GiveBIG, and share that learning with any public library who wants to join in. By 2019, the Foundation had put together Library Giving Day, a giving program which is designed to work for any size library and is free to everyone. Now in its second year, Library Giving Day helps fund more than 40 Library programs and initiatives offered by The Seattle Public Library. It has drawn nationwide participation and is part of the American Library Association's annual Library Awareness Week.

About The Foundation

The Seattle Public Library Foundation inspires the community’s philanthropic support, advocacy for, and pride in the Library. Established in 1980, the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization has raised more than $165 million to help The Seattle Public Library build its collection and resources, offer programs for patrons of all ages and better serve the needs of our community.

How to Give

Gifts to The Seattle Public Library Foundation can be made using the link:

For more information on Library Giving Day, visit The Seattle Public Library Foundation at