Significantly develop your negotiation skills in a series of free online seminars offered by The Seattle Public Library from August 5 to September 30.

These workshops are designed for the negotiation issues that employees and organizational leaders will come across during and after COVID-19. Specifically, you will learn to develop solutions to problems faced in negotiations - and the best ways to put those solutions into place.


Preparation is how most negotiations succeed or fail. Negotiators succeed when they have developed a systematic plan for their negotiation. In these sessions, we will discuss how to prepare for a negotiation and avoid negotiation traps. You will receive a pre-negotiation plan to use for your own negotiations, and there will be lots of time to ask questions.

These sessions will help you to build confidence in your ability as a negotiator, prepare a systematic plan, self-evaluate your negotiations, analyze other negotiators, and learn how to evaluate your choices once negotiations have started.


Registration is required for each session. Sign up in the session's calendar entry on the Library's website. These workshops will also be recorded and made available online.