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December 15, 2017

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The Seattle Public Library is seeking Homework Helpers who have a passion for helping children and teens learn and succeed in school. The 2017-2018 Homework Help program will be offered at 11 Library branches through June 14, 2018.

Volunteers help students develop literacy and mathematics skills, understand homework assignments, and prepare for college. They coach students in all academic subjects and may also specialize in college-prep subjects (such as English and STEM fields). They also play educational games with younger elementary school students who do not have homework. 

A volunteer commitment throughout the school year is requested. Volunteers provide Homework Help once a week when Seattle's public schools are in session. Those volunteers who have variable job and/or school schedules can be scheduled as substitute Homework Helpers at least twice a month. (Service-learning university students can be considered for a short-term volunteer assignment for at least one academic quarter.)

Please read the Homework Helper volunteer service description and watch a short video to learn more.


Homework Help Locations:

Beacon Hill, Broadview, ColumbiaDouglass-Truth, Greenwood, High Point, Lake City, NewHolly, Northgate, Rainier Beach and South Park branches.

Additional volunteers are needed at the Broadview, High Point and Rainier Beach branches. Please contact to inquire about volunteer openings and request an application packet.


Desired Volunteer Qualifications:

  • Completion of at least one year of college. Must be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate.
  • Experience with youth as a teacher, tutor, volunteer or family member.
  • Empathy, a friendly demeanor and communication skills, especially active listening.
  • Be respectful of diverse lifestyles, cultures, religions and values.
  • Considerable patience, flexibility, creativity and a willingness to use a variety of methods to enable students to learn.
  • Strong English and writing skills.
  • Able to explain math concepts to elementary and middle school students. Knowledge of high school mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus) is also helpful.
  • Able to work as part of a team with other Homework Helpers and Library staff.

Volunteer applicants will be asked to authorize a criminal background check. The Library is unable to place applicants who have assault, abuse, theft or other criminal serious convictions as Homework Helpers.

Volunteer Application and Orientation Process:

Please contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator at to request information about Homework Help volunteer openings and supplemental application forms.  

New Homework Helpers will be invited to a volunteer orientation and referred to a Library branch for a welcome meeting and tour. Volunteers will also be invited to training sessions during the school year.


Apply Now

Please return your signed volunteer application to:

Volunteer Services Coordinator
The Seattle Public Library
1000 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104



Fax: 206-386-4129


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