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Strategic Direction 2017-2019

Guided by our mission and vision, building on the Library's earlier efforts and our commitment to making positive impacts in the community, we will focus our work in three fields outlined below: individual growth, community impact and institutional performance. You can see a diagram explaining these components of the Strategic Direction and how they interconnect (click the image below to see a larger version).

Diagram showing the components of the Strategic Direction and how they interconnect.

Developing the Strategic Direction

Community Conversations with Executive Director and Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner and "community listening" sessions throughout the city helped Library leadership and the Library board of trustees develop a "Strategic Direction" to guide the organization's work for the next three years.

Additionally, we used the comprehensive community process to craft a Library Levy to improve services that had been cut during the prolonged economic recession — open hours, the collection of books and materials, computers and online services and building maintenance. Voters approved the levy in 2012 to help restore Library services.

We call this a Strategic Direction rather than a Strategic Plan in order to reflect a shorter timeframe of three years and to allow the Library to be more flexible in responding to patron needs. The Strategic Direction gives us a blueprint for operating in a rapidly changing environment. Based on input and feedback we received through Community Conversations, community listenings, internal committees, and other public and staff forums, the Strategic Direction moves the Library toward achieving outcomes and creating impacts in our community and building the organizational infrastructure needed to support that work.