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Donor Recognition Policy


All facilities of The Seattle Public Library will be identified with the "The Seattle Public Library" and designated with names that are descriptive of the geographic service area only. For example: The Seattle Public Library, Beacon Hill Branch.


Prominent signage will be placed in each new and renovated library honoring the fact that these public buildings have been built by the people of Seattle for the enjoyment of all.


The Library Board of Trustees recognizes that certain donors deserve specific recognition for their personal commitments to the common good. This will be accomplished by recognizing their gifts through commemorative plaques and naming of areas. The Board authorizes The Seattle Public Library Foundation to carry out such a program for recognition of major donors, as approved by the Board, with the clear understanding that the standards and guidelines of the program at all times will be administered unitarily and equally.


Honoring opportunities can be offered to individuals, foundations or corporations in recognition of substantial funding for the library and its programs. Donors seeking such opportunities will have the choice of (a) honoring a leading community figure or local hero, or (b) requesting that either they or another individual or entity of their choice be recognized. Honoring opportunities do not extend beyond the useful life of the spaces or facilities within which they are located.


Within the interior of each branch library, a maximum of four to five honoring opportunities can be made available if requested. These might include (a) the learning center (the primary recognition opportunity inside the library), (b) the children's area, (c) the adult reading area, (d) where one exists, the meeting room, and (e) other such functional space such as a study room or quiet room. The new Central Library will have a number of interior rooms and spaces appropriate for honoring opportunities as described in #4 above.


When a gift or pledge is committed to the Foundation that conforms to the established guidelines agreed upon by the Library Board and the Foundation, the Foundation shall notify the President of the Library Board and the City Librarian of its intent to move forward with the named space. In the case where a naming opportunity is outside of the agreed guidelines, the Foundation would bring their recommendation to the Board for review and consideration. Uniform design standards for commemorative signage were approved by the Library Board during Libraries for All. The location of plaques and other signage for commemorative areas will be determined in consultation with the City Librarian and Capital Improvements Program Manager for the designated library.


When there are changes to a named space as a result of reconfiguring a branch or Central department,  the Foundation will consult with the donor, and then reach a mutual agreement between the donor and the Library as to the new placement of the signage.


If a corporation which has a named space in a Library building no longer exists, the Library may remove the signage after one year. The Foundation may then find another sponsor for the space in question. If the corporation has been merged with another, the Foundation will ascertain the new entities interest in the recognition and will be given first right of refusal for the space. If they chose to retain the space, the corporation would be responsible for the expense of installing the new signage. The Board reserves the right to revoke any prior grant of named recognition whenever compelling reasons or circumstances justify such action. Nothing herein shall preclude or prevent the Board from modifying, changing, renovating or disposing of any Library facility.


DATE ADOPTED: Oct. 31, 2012


Donor Recognition in Library Buildings Policy adopted Feb. 23, 1999